Family Fun at Reno/Lake Tahoe

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I am currently enjoying a weekend in Reno/Lake Tahoe with my oldest child thanks to Southwest Airlines offering a new direct flight from Dallas Love Field to Reno now! (A special thanks to them for providing the complimentary airfare for this trip!) Southwest provides the most amount of flights to Reno-Thaoe. The new seasonal direct flight will run once a week, mostly on weekends. The flight started on January 7, 2017!

One of my bucket list items for my kiddos was to take them snow skiing! I wanted them to experience this before flying the coupe off to college! I can’t believe we are making this dream come true with Chloe! This year was the perfect year to do this as they have had a decent amount of snow!

I am going to blog about each day of our trip as separate posts. I am doing this for a few reasons. First, I want you to feel like you are here with us. I want to tell you where we stayed, what we ate and what we saw or did each day! I am also including at the bottom of each post, Chloe’s thoughts! I thought it would be fun to hear from her as well. The kid perspective isn’t always the same as the adults and it could give you a window into how your kids would experience the fun as well.

We arrived in Reno, picked up our luggage and were given our rental car. The airport is adorable, with even a play play for little ones! I plan to snap a few photos there when we fly out! The baggage claim is right by the rental car desks which makes it super easy to get the paperwork out of the way while waiting on the luggage. It was a quick process and we were off!

Coming from Texas, I wasn’t sure what the weather would look like, but I wasn’t nervous about driving on snow as I have lived in St Louis Missouri and they get snow often. The SUV that we were given has 4 wheel drive, so that helped me feel confident too! (Locals carry chains to put on tires in bad weather!)

We made our way to Grandlibakken Resort. Grandlibakken is a Norwegian name meaning a hill separated by trees. This property is family owned, occupying 74 wooded acres in a picturesque mountain valley. Lake Tahoe is just a few minutes away! We checked in and took a tour of the property! It’s beautiful! They do weddings, retreats, conferences and so much more on property! You have several options for your stay at this resort. We are currently staying in a two bedroom unit! It comes with a kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living area! It’s perfect for a family! They have units that sleep up to 8 people!

At Grandlibakken, you can ski, sled, and make a ton of memories! They offer hot breakfast each morning which I love as it cuts down on dining out costs while traveling! We will sled tomorrow while on propery! Can’t wait to show you those photos!

After getting checked in, unpacked and rested, we were off to dinner! We had a short drive into town, which took less then 10 minutes. I didn’t bring ski pants, so we stopped at a local shop and rented a pair for the next two days! It was around $25 total for my pants. Renting is a great option for those who don’t want to purchase for a weekend of fun!

The views we saw as we went to dinner were breath taking! The beautiful tall trees, Lake Tahoe, and the snow capped mountains were so much to take in! I snapped so many photos that I swear could be post cards!

We ate dinner at Moe’s Original BBQ. It was located right on Lake Tahoe and the food was prepared within minutes! I enjoyed a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with homemade chips, while Chloe enjoyed chicken tenders. (She has braces and the pulled pork gets stuck in them!) The meal was super tasty and the restaurant stayed busy the whole time we were there! It must be a local favorite!

After dinner, we returned to our room where we laid out all of our stuff for the following days adventure, skiing! (That post will be next in this series!)

Now, as promised…here is Chloe’s perspective of our first day at Reno-Lake Tahoe!

Once we arrived, we got to our rental car and started to drive to our cabin. On the way there, there were awesome breathtaking views! They were something you surely would not find in Texas! When we got to our cabin I was so tired from the time change zones that I laid done on the comfy bed and went straight to sleep until my mom said that we were going to rent ski clothes. We got back to the lobby of where we were staying and took a┬átour of the entire place. There was lots to see. After that we went to this place called Moe’s Origanal BBQ for dinner and I had Crispy Chicken tenders and homemade chips! I also had some yummy banana pudding for dessert! It was a small restaurant but the food was really good. We got back to our cabins and went straight to sleep! I can not wait to ski tomorrow. (This beats being at school, for sure!)

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