10 Things to Add to your Baby Registry (+ Fun Surprise!)

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Having 8 years between my last two babies…things have changed…A LOT! There are so many new items that were not available back in 2008! Pampers sent me a gift card to bless a mama and to put together my top ten items to add to your baby registry list!

Here are my top 10:

Pampers Diapers! According to a recent Pampers’ survey, 9 out of 10 moms wish they included more everyday needs like diapers on their lists. Diapers are a MUST! I love the Swaddlers for newborn- size 3. Once my little man started crawling, I switched over to Pampers Cruisers, which allows him to move around easily with no sag. While at Target last night, I noticed that they now carry Pampers Swaddlers Overnight diapers. This is the first I had seen those and can’t wait to try those! We haven’t had night time leaks yet but I know in the past with my other kiddos (who were girls) we would move up a size in diaper to catch it all. Now I won’t have to do that!

Dreft Baby Detergent and Stain Spray! I love the smell of Dreft and feeling confident that it’s safe for my babies skin but fights hard to remove stains.

Nose Frida! This thing looks and sounds gross but I promise you it’s one of the best inventions! My little guy had mucus in his airway which landed us in the ER when he was only a few days old. It was so scary! They told me I had to do strong suctions to help him. I bought three different items and by far the Nose Frida was the strongest suction! (And no worries, you will not get snot in your mouth!)

Pampers Wipes! Go ahead and add the biggest box to your registry because you WILL need it and use it! We use wipes for everything…hands, face, diapers, counters! I love the big box with flip top packages that are great for diaper bags!

Rock and Play! Definitely register for a Rock and Play! It was one of the most used items in our home. It calmed Nathan right down! I think because it cuddles the baby and has soothing motion, it mimics the womb.

Boon Lawn! This was another new invention that was too awesome and one that we still use ALL of the time! It’s basically a drying rack for bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and all of the other small washable baby items.

Mam Pacifiers! This might seem like a silly thing to be on my top 10, but you won’t think so if you can register for some glow in the dark Mams! Life changing in the middle of the night! No more waking baby to find the paci…and now he can find it himself as it glows bright!

OBall Toys! These are PERFECT for babies to grab and hold onto. We have bought a few of the pieces for Nathan but would have definitely registered for a gift set of them if we would have saw it!

Aveeno Skin Care! I love Aveeno for babies. It’s gentle, smells great and is sensitive on babies skin.

Cat & Jack Baby Clothes! Register for onesies and bibs, you will go through a lot of them! Cat & Jack is a great brand for a great price!

So Pampers let me surprise an expectant mama with this project! I took her to Target to show her the things that she MUST register for! We added items to the cart (all of the items listed above!) and told her that we needed to get a photo of them at the check-out lane for this post… that photo is above! What she didn’t know until we had it all unloaded was that we were actually buying these items for her!


Now for the fun part! Who wants to win an awesome gift pack (pictured below) to get your registry started? Simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite baby item! Giveaway open until 12/5/2016 at 5PM CST. One entry per household.


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  1. I love Aveeno baby washes!

  2. Dreft baby detergent is my favorite! It smells heavenly.

  3. How awesome is Pampers for being so generous to that new mama and for this great giveaway! We love Pampers Swaddlers…that’s really all we’ve used since Day 1 and still use them right now! I have so many products I love…Nose Frieda for sure, Boon Lawn and Changing Station (you never have to worry about washing a cover, you simply wipe it down), Eucerin Eczema cream, Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Shampoo/Wash (smells like heaven), and I actually like Purex Baby – it smells great, doesn’t irritate our girl’s sensitive skin and it’s less expensive than Dreft. Thank you again Pampers and Courtney for the opportunity to win some great products for my bestie!

  4. Some of my favorite baby items are Pampers Diapers, nub-a-wubs, and a vibrating seat

  5. My favorite baby items are the rock n play, bouncer, burts bees products and of course pampers!

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