Spoil your kids with Good2Grow Fruit and Veggie Juice Blends

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If you are like me then you try to give your kids options when they eat…and nine times out of ten, you offer them healthy options.  My kids can always eat fruits and veggies as snacks or fillers, but I limit everything else.

I am not fooling myself to think that they actually choose to eat enough fruits and veggies a day without the constant encouragement from mom. Getting a veggie in their lunch box has been very challenging. They are great about eating the fruit I pack, but the carrots always come back, untouched.

We were recently introduced to good2grow, which come in a variety of flavors and age appropriate sizes. These are awesome fruit/veggie juice blends and come in several flavors:

good2grow™ V-Blends – Available in Tropical Fruit Medley (71% juice, 6oz) and Strawberry Kiwi (71% juice, 6oz), good2grow™ V-Blends are a Vitamin C rich juice made only from the best ingredients. Made up of carrot, beet and apple juice, Tropical Fruit Medley contains 28% less sugar than 100% juice and Strawberry Kiwi contains 22% less sugar than 100% juice.

good2grow™ Organic Apple – good2grow ™ Organic Apple Juice is made from 100% juice and is a USDA-certified organic beverage.

good2grow™ Fruit Juice – Available in Fruit Punch (100% juice, 8oz) and two Apple Juice varieties (100% juice, 6oz and 60% juice/40% water, 4oz). The Fruit Punch combines apple, pear, and grape to create a flavorful juice that will leave kids refreshed.

We were sent a few to try out and now my girls want them in their lunches EVERYDAY! I love finding ways to give them exactly what their bodies need to grow and stay healthy.

You can find good2grow at a retailer near you by clicking over to their website. You kids will love their Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess’, Sophia, Doc McStuffins, Thomas the train and so many more.


Starting THIS wednesday 4/23, rush to your local Safeway stores and stock up on #good2grow because they have a great in-store deal for you! Free 6pk Refill Pack, When you Buy One Single Serve Bottle. Just collect your favorite character toppers and rejuice with the 6pk Refills! This deal is too good to miss!

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