Fun, food, and animal conservation, 16th century style

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With everything going on in our world, my family found the 2022 Renaissance Festival to be a breath of fresh, humanitarianism, air. The whole theme of the festival is sustainability, education, and entertainment, plus the food options range from cold and fresh to smoked meats, with a side of sugary goodness. Whether you prefer a fresh fruit smoothie or to drink a cocktail from a handmade goblet, they have something for everyone.

This year, we gathered at the Birds of Prey exhibit as soon as we entered the park. Last Chance Forever is a conservatory for birds and is located in Texas.  Their mission is to help sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey return to their natural habitat.  Any birds that are deemed non-releasable, and are not suffering from any illness or injury, are provided permanent sanctuary and a new destiny of being an ambassador.  These fine birds, such as hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls are brought out to showcase their natural beauty and to provide conservation-themed entertainment and education. It is truly breath-taking!

After we ate all of the foods, participated in arts and entertainment, plus shopped the artisanal shops, we ended our day with the Cirque du Sewer show. This beautiful entertainer comes out on stage with these 3 rats and I thought I was about to have to check out mentally to get through the show. Rats and cats, ew!  I was completely wrong and my attention never left for the duration of the show.  She kept the audience’s full attention with her performance abilities, humor, knowledge, and occasionally name-dropping a few popular TV talent shows that have featured her and her animals. Some of the shows mentioned were: The Gong Show, Nickelodeon’s Unleashed, America’s Got Talent, Game of Talents, and the Worlds Pet Show. Ecoli, Influenza, and Ebola are the talented rescue rats and the show-stealing cat, Pad Kee Meow, was joined by 2 more rescue cats, Schrödinger and Sputik. Fire hoops, furry things, comedy, and daring performances with a tight rope and things on fire made this the perfect finale to our day.

The reason I continue to plan trips to this faire is the pure joy of seeing humanity unplug and talk to each other with dignity, no matter how you are dressed, nor how much money you have in your wallet. By the time you leave, you will have lost count of how many times you were called a Lord or Lady, in the most respectful of tones. You will have lost count of how many people you noticed having face to face conversations with their family. You will for sure have lost count of the calories you may or may not have consumed on your outing. I mean, did they really worry about calories back then?  I think not!  Personally, I like to think that between the walking and endless laughing, I obviously burned enough calories to accommodate the fresh foods and snacking. Til next year….


Scarborough Renaissance Festival runs weekends April 9 – May 30, 2022Kids 4 & Under are ALWAYS free

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