Girlfriends Getaway in Downtown Mckinney

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I love partnering with Texas Travel Talk and Visit Mckinney to explore more of my hometown and bring this post to you! All opinions are mine and are honest!

One of my favorite things about my birthday each year is that I am intentional about trying to see my closest friends and spend time with each of them. I am not one who can invite them all to come at the same time as I prefer to spend one on one time with each of them. I have a small handful of gals who have journeyed through life with me and are just precious friends. One of these gals, Loreal, I met when my oldest daughter was just a baby. Loreal and I met when we lived in Missouri. Since meeting, she has moved back to California, and now to Boston. We moved to Mckinney, Texas. through the years and many moves, we have never lost touch and have found a way to see each other each year. I am so thankful for her in my life!

When I was invited to a girlfriend getaway weekend in downtown Mckinney, I knew I wanted her to come and enjoy it with me. She moved two months ago and this would be perfect timing for us to connect and play. The itinerary was perfect for us to really enjoy catching up and making memories. Our weekend started with dinner at Foxiis. I had never heard of this restaurant, and I live in Mckinney! I am so thankful to have experienced it because the food was on point and I will be returning with hubby! I also love that it’s right by Mckinney’s new comedy club, The Comedy Arena!

We stayed Friday night at The Neathery Estate Bed and Breakfast. It was perfect! I have a thing for Bed and Breakfasts as hubby and I spent our first night together at one before leaving on our honeymoon! They are so comfy and cozy…and not boxed in like hotels! <3 This property was purchased in 2016 and renovated to open in 2018. It’s only been actively booked since earlier this year. It’s so beautiful and will be the first place I point friends who are looking for a fun place to stay in Downtown Mckinney! The owner is precious and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. And the breakfast…wow! It’s PERFECT!

There is parking on the side and back of the house… and wait until you see the pool!

The backyard is AMAZING! I bet it’s the place to be in the summer! So beautiful!

We stayed on the 3rd floor and this was our room! I LOVE everything about it!

We didn’t want to leave! We met two other couples at breakfast and chatted with them a bit before heading out for a fun day of shopping in the square! Living in Mckinney, I knew we could and would make a day of shopping. We walked the square and enjoyed looking at all of the things! I loved showing Loreal all of my favorite shops and checking out the latest items that have been added! Before we did too much shopping, we got to enjoy a tour of Farmhouse Fresh! I have lived in Mckinney for 9 years and had NO idea that their HQ was in Mckinney!

The owners of this precious brand are delightful! As they spoke about how this brand started and what they have done with it, I seriously dreamt of ways I could work for them. Infectious and fun are two words that briefly describe their headquarters! They rescue animals! Precious precious women with an awesome mission! Look at these pictures from our time there! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE their products and can’t wait to tell you more about them in a future post!)

After the tour, we found a spot on the square in downtown Mckinney to park and headed over to Patina Green for lunch! This is another one of the little restaurants that I have not had a chance to check out yet, so I was excited to enjoy lunch there with Loreal.  I enjoyed the Ham and Cheese sandwich and it was just as good as FoodNetwork says it is! I paired it up with their delicious Tomato soup for the perfect combination.

And how adorable is their bathroom??

We shopped and we shopped…then we grabbed our mini-me’s and shopped some more! There are so many fun places to take pictures in downtown Mckinney, so we snapped a few…


We took the girls back to the guys so we could enjoy the evening before Loreal had to fly back to Boston. Dinner didn’t disappoint at Sugarbacon. I have eaten there before and knew it was gonna be soo delicious! We, of course, ordered the Sugarbacon app before our meals! The wait staff here is so knowledgeable and well spoken. I loved the live music and think it’s the perfect spot on the square for date night or a girls night out!

If you are looking to make memories with a girlfriend or even just enjoy a getaway to downtown Mckinney…these places mentioned in this post will not disappoint!

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