A Day in the Life of…

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Have you even wondered what it would be like to step in the shoes of another person? Let me just say, you don’t want to wear my shoes! Most days are filled with carpool dutys! I swear I spend more hours in my van then not. It’s not horrible and I feel blessed that I get to take and pick up my kiddos…but the waiting…oh the waiting. Trying to figure out the timing… don’t go to early or you wait forever at the front of the line… don’t go too late or you wait in line…sometimes in the busy street waiting to get into the parking lot to pick up. It’s a tricky song and dance! I am so thankful to have a few other moms that I have teamed up with to help lessen the load. With three different schools and sometimes as many as 7 different drop off/pick up times depending on sports, tutorials, clubs, cheer, etc, it’s a confusing calendar to keep up with.

Mornings aren’t horrible, it’s the afternoons that I find most stressful. Homework on top of games, practices, church and such. I love that my kids are involved and love what they do, but I need more energy…or more drivers…or more something. There are some nights when I wish I could be in three places but I can’t. We don’t have grandparents in town to cheer on the kids, so we try really hard to have a parent at the games when possible.

Sometimes this means we are divide and conquer all week, going two different directions. This makes dinners and such very tricky. Thankfully with school sports the kids are transported to their games, we just have to get where we need to be on time. Weekends are a treat as we often don’t have games/practices and we can all be together or get caught up on life. If I had a job outside of the house, I am not sure when we could get the laundry, dishes, groceries and such all taken care of.

This is a season. I know it’s fleeting and is passing quickly. Even as I am typing this I see how this will be a laugh tomorrow. Soon, I will have three kids driving themselves everywhere, not needing me. I will be sad to not have the giggles of a van full of teen and tweens as I pick up and drop off and I will wonder how their day went.

Maybe a day in the life of me isn’t so bad…maybe waiting in carpool lines is okay, slowing down and seeing…really seeing the time I have left before they are flying solo.

What does your day look like? Note that I did not write this post on a rainy day… my thoughts would have been totally different. The title would have read something more like “Dear Jesus, fill me up before I cuss” because the entitlement of some parents in carpool on rainy days gets the best of me…LOL!

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