Five Tips for Traveling with Pets

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My bestie is a pet lover! She has had so many different pets in her house over the past few years. Dogs, cats, a rabbit, hedge hog, and even two guinea pigs. That girl would have a farm if she had the space for it. I actually think it’s in her plans for the future. I love her heart for animals and that her kids equally love them and want more and more! When her cats that she has loved for year and years passed, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would have some kittens in her home. She had family in another state who had two litters and made plans to travel to get them as quick as they were ready. The photo above is the two babies she picked up and is traveling with today! I wouldn’t know the first thing about traveling (hours and hours) with pets, but she had the following tips:

1.) Make frequent stops and offer water and potty opportunities.

2.) Have a way to crate, leash, or restrain them for safety. (They should not free roam around while you drive)

3.) Do short test drives before the longer trip. Some pets get car sick. If they get car sick, get meds from you vet before the longer trip.

4.) Make sure your pet is healthy, up to date on all vaccines before your trip. Take a copy of the latest records from your vet.

5.) Never leave your pet in a vehicle without proper ventilation and access to water. Check for stops that are pet friendly.

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