How to Enjoy a Summer with No Regrets

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Summer is coming fast! My kids only have 8 days of school left! Texas is heating up and our subdivision pools are already open! I love the turn of the season and having my kids home. We get to spend more time together as a family and I get to enjoy learning more about what makes them tick. We have a few family trips on the calendar, and I am working on organizing a schedule at home so that we aren’t overly “lazy” while in the house, but I have learned a few things over the years and wanted to share a few tips on how to help you enjoy a summer with NO regrets! If you have multiple kids, like I do, then you know that they will get on each others nerves within the first two days of summer. This will not work for you. You will not want to spend the two and a half months playing ref and discipling them nonstop. Here lies the tips:

1.) Have a plan to keep them active! I have found that the best way to keep them active, entertained and worn flat out is swimming!  If your kiddos do not know how to swim, then get them into swim lessons NOW! We love AquaKids Mckinney! Nathan has been attending there for over a year and has gained so many skills. (Check out this Instagram video of him!!) He will not be using any flotation devices at all this summer. He is 3. I am confident in his skills now and I know he is too. If he accidently jumped into a 12 ft pool, he would know exactly what to do and would not panic. That brings me peace of mind. AquaKids has a new monthly enrollment at just $80/month at the Keller and Flower Mound locations and $88/month at McKinney. They also have a 3:1 ratio in their classes! I love the smaller classes as it means Nathan gets more time and attention! We will likely swim 4-5 times a week. Seriously, it’s so good for their bodies to get physically worn out!

2.) Have a game plan for meals! If you aren’t prepared for meals then they will snack you to death! Our grocery bill goes up in the summer as we are eating more meals at home. I try to keep a consistent plan where they can know what to expect and when. Snacks are not off limits, but we don’t have sugary, carb loaded junk around. I try to keep fresh fruit cut and easy to grab for quick bites. With trips to the pool, we try to have smaller portioned containers made a head of time as well. If we know we are going to be running around a lot, I try to pack our lunches so we aren’t spending so much money eating out.

3.) Plan one down day a week…where you have nothing to do, and nowhere to be. With summer camps, and sports leagues, a family can easily find themselves running around a lot in the summer. I try to find one day to stay home, midweek. We play games (this is our current favorite one!), put together a puzzle, watch a movie in the media room… something indoor and as a family. With no running around, this also gives us a day to catch up on laundry.

4.) Plan a one on one date with each kid over the summer! We try to plan one day for each kid. Hubby and I divide and conquer a lot with the kids sports and evening events and it’s hard to give the kids one on one attention. When we can, we try to enjoy time with the kids one on one. In the summer, we make time to spend one on one time with each kid, giving them a day doing something THEY want to do. I normally try to do this when a few of them are off at camp for the week, as it’s a little easier. It’s fun to get to treat them to pedicures, dinner, or just a fun date. They end up getting two of these dates… one with Mom and one with Dad!

5.) And last, set family goals for the summer. What is something you want to accomplish as a family? We often try to reorganize bedrooms, paint, or do some sort of home project as a family. Last summer we did a ton of big organizing projects that took a few weeks and we were able to donate a ton of stuff. It made our home and school year run more smoothly to declutter and refresh our spaces.

6.) Take a break. Hire Dallas Maid Service to come do the cleaning!

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