Products I love for Detangling Long Hair

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I have three girls… all with long(ish) hair. One has somewhat curly hair, like me. Thankfully she is my oldest and can work thru her tangles herself. The other two have fairly straight, but thick hair. They both get the craziest knots over night. It’s a daily task to detangle their hair. I don’t like to toss on a ton of product, so we have done a lot of trail and error to find what works best for them. Here is what we use and love:

SEXYHAIR Healthy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner! I buy the big bottle and pour into smaller spray bottles for each girl! This leaves their hair silky soft. It smells really good too! (Side note, having product in hair helps protect it from lice as well!)

Wet Brush Each of my kids have their own! My oldest with the curly textured hair likes the paddle brush (like this) and the other two girls have the regular one.

A few other tips we have learned along the way that we have found are helpful include:

1.) Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Drying it first seems to help with the tangles.

2.) If fully dry, braid it before bed. My middle daughter loves to do this and enjoy the waves from the braid the following day.

3.) Braid hair before swimming. Something about swimming causes hair to get really tangled. We also wet it before getting into chlorine water.

4.) Washing with shampoo twice in the shower takes out all the extra product build up, which helps keep the brush gliding thru.

5.) Trimming the ends of the hair every 6 months really helps a lot. Once hair gets damaged it makes tangles a lot worse.

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