New Year, New YOU!

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Happy 2019! With the new year often comes plans for a new you. Perhaps you want to be more organized this year (I know that I do!) or you want focus more on your health. Whatever your focus is, I hope you find a way to sustain and persevere to achieve your goals. It was around this time last year that I decided that I wanted to work on getting fit. I began exercising more and decided to go “all out.” Well that lasted only a few days before I was laid ALL OUT! I ruptured my achilles while doing mountain climbers. What kind of bad luck was that? I was trying hard to get fit and got injured doing just that. I was down for a long time. I had surgery, was non weight bearing for several weeks, couldn’t drive as it was my driving foot, couldn’t foster sweet newborns as I couldn’t drive, had a very active 2 yr old who didn’t understand why mommy couldn’t get up and move around to play with him. It was miserable. Several months went by before I could go out and about again. Then my weeks were centered around physical therapy and follow up appointments. Again, miserable. Sounds pretty awful huh? Here is the blessings that came with all of that:

1.) I found rest, true rest. I couldn’t do much so I found myself learning how to relax more and be okay with having to accept that I couldn’t do it all.

2.) Friends showed up and helped with meals and getting my kids to and from school and activities.

3.) Little man and I learned how to play on the couch with books and toys and I got to show him my love for Toy Story!

4.) I got to prove to myself that I can fight back and regain strength each day.

5.) I learned to set goals and crush them which would prove to be important as I decided on new goals for the 2nd half of the year. A shift in thinking!

Whatever your goals are this year, don’t quit on yourself. My year didn’t start off well last year, but I can tell you it did end well. I was able to push hard and get back into the gym in July. I slowly worked my way back into a jog and run my first 5K of the year in November. It wasn’t pretty but I didn’t quit. I lost 57 lbs from July 6-Dec 31st. Everytime I felt tired and wanted to quit, I told myself that I was worth more, I wanted to finish strong and I wanted my kids to see a mom who had a lot to overcome and did it. I wanted to be proud of myself and I am. Don’t quit on yourself. You are worth it!

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