Holiday Gift Guide: Octopus Watch Motion

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I was sent this watch for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine and are honest!

Nathan is three now and is so active! He thinks he is “bigger” then he is most of the time! He looks up to his daddy and wants to be just like him, which is why I knew he would love wearing the Octopus Watch Motion Edition! It looks like an iWatch for kids! This kids smartwatch is sold on, as well as Amazon, Nordstrom, Wellbots and can also be found in Target! As a mom, I love that I can set up this watch with reminders for Nathan to help him self-monitor.  Here is how it works: You charge it one an adorable night light Octopus charging station that lights up. You sync that to your computer or iDevice where you can set up the activities. There are over 1500 icons for you to choose from. I set up his daily schedule and it changes the icons throughout the day as he needs to move onto the next thing. I love that the watch also stores my personal cell phone number, incase he were to get seperated from me. Here is a little more about it:

· Suitable for kids ages 3-to-7 years of age
· Octopus App features 1500+ colorful-icons and easy schedule setup
· Noise free vibration sends kids gentle reminders
· Tracks physical activity with its new motion sensor
· Stores “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) information

The Octopus Watch has been the focus of several clinical studies which measure self-monitoring and a child’s ability to initiate tasks without intervention. JOY has used this validated research to improve The Octopus Watch and expand their adaptive coaching platform. It is available in red and blue, and comes packaged with the Companion Nightlight Charging Station.

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