2018 A Few of our Favorite Things

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This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you chose to click on them and make a purchase, I can might make a small commission on your purchase. Thank you for supporting my family!

As I was driving to an event today I was alone in the car…which never happens, and I started thinking about all of my favorite things. I thought it might make for a fun post to talk about my families favorite things of 2018. I am going to hit each (immediate) family member and a few items that they are using/doing and loving! Hope you enjoy this!

Steve – Hubby is loving his ear pods. Ear Pods are bluetooth wireless headphones for iphones. We didn’t go “all in” and buy the Apple ones, but instead found a great deal on some and he uses them often. He isn’t using them at the gym as he doesn’t feel confident that they will stay in while he is running, but he loves wearing them around the house while he does chores and such.

A few of my favorite things include food… I kinda hate that…but it’s true. I’ve been working hard the past few months to eat better and work out. These Quest Protein Chips and these Power Crunch bars have been a daily staple in my diet. I look forward to them. I’ve been working hard at growing in my parenting game and am also really enjoying Celebrate Calm Podcasts (free) and have purchased several of their ebooks and CDs. These have been life changing and have helped me process and work thru some really tough parenting struggles. Another one of my favorite things is Sandals Foundation and Kidds Kids. Both of these are awesome foundations that pay it forward to help kids.

Chloe – my oldest daughter who is in 8th grade now is really loving Calligraphy and fun pens and markers that help her accomplish beautiful lettering. Chloe also loves hydro flask water bottles. Odd, I know…but apparently it’s a thing and since she plays sports, I love that she wants to drink water all day and it helps encourage that!

Emma – Emma is really into Black Converse. They are classics and she has worn then for a few years now. I love that she can dress them up or down! Emma loves and uses her Wetbrush every day! Infact, we all do! We think every female should own one! Last, Emma loves her mini backpack! It’s perfect size and she is allowed to carry it at school like a purse.

Maci – Maci loves all things comfy! She really loves and uses her soft blankets on a daily basis. Maci is very hands on and loves playdoh and moon dough. It is fun to touch…but mama doesn’t like the mess! 🙂

Nathan – Nathan is loving swim lessons at Aqua Kids Swim School. He goes once a week and has grown so much over this past year. Nathan is also really loving watching Toy Story. I personally love that he is really into this movie set as it’s a favorite of mine as well!

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