Beaches Turks and Caicos, here we come!

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Hubby and I are heading to Beaches in Turks and Caicos next week and I couldn’t be happier. I NEED THIS! The change in scenery refreshes my soul. As a busy mom of four, I can sometimes get caught up in the hustle of keeping things moving forward all of the time and forget how refreshing it is to stop and rest. Hubby and I haven’t had time away in a while… infact, our trip last year was canceled due to the hurricane wrecking the island. WE ARE READY! We need this! We need time to connect… without kids, without jobs, without distractions!

Part of this trip will be “work” as I will be attending a conference, Social Media On the Sand. I mean… doesn’t that sound like an awesome conference… literally toes in the sand while at conference. No fancy clothes… flips and swim suits mostly. I am excited to grow professionally, but really excited to rest physically and emotionally.  Some of the conference schedule includes: Breakout sessions, Pampering, Dining events, beach party, and so much more! This is my 4th year to attend this conference and every year it just gets better and better!

This year we invited some friends of ours to join us. They have three kids and are coming solo as well. We are excited to connect with them and enjoy some fun on the beach. I am making sure we get to snorkel this year. In years past, we didn’t make time for it, I regret that. No regrets this year!

We will be staying in the French Village at Beaches. It’s so beautiful! I remember falling in love with the coffee shop in the french village and am excited that it will be a short walk each morning. The coffee there is SOO good. I am also excited breakfast on the beach… with my toes in the sand. I loved the ocean breeze in my face while sipping coffee in the past.

So so many things I am looking forward to on this trip! One more week…

While we are away, we have a village of friends and family who are helping take care of our babies. We have been blessed with a wide circle of people to love on our kids and help get them to/from school each day. I know I will miss them and they *might* miss me while we are gone but they will be so busy and loved that they won’t miss a beat.  When I come back from this trip, I plan to gear up and go strong on holiday posts. I hope to bring some “deals” for you to snag for Christmas gifts and will have a holiday gift guide posted by mid November. I will also be posting the Black Friday ads as quick as they come out so you can go shop and SAVE! Of course, I am predicting Cyber Monday to be HUGE this year and will have all of those deals posted too! While we are away, follow along on my Instagram to see photos and updates of our time at Beaches. It’s so beautiful there and I would love to share that with you! If you aren’t following MyCRAZYSavings on Facebook, make sure you do that as I often post time sensitive deals there during the holiday months.

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