5 Reasons to Continue Swimming during the Fall/Winter Months

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Today is one of those days that I would like to curl up with a good book, cup of cocoa, warm pajamas and stay in bed! It’s COLD and rainy outside… and in the 40’s! Not much I want to do outside the walls of my house… but day after day like this, my kids will go stir crazy! They need activity! They NEED (okay I NEED them) to burn off energy and with soccer and softball and other outdoor sports canceled due to wet fields, it’s tough! This is when I am so thankful for swim lessons! We look forward to them every week! Nathan loves them! Below you will find 5 reasons why your kiddos should continue swimming during the fall and winter months.

#1 Consistency is Crucial
Learning to swim is a skill just like any other that needs practice and consistency. Even if your kids “know” how to swim, stopping swim lessons can be detrimental to the skills they have learned. Think of it this way… If you run or weight lift consistently for a period of time and then stop, you will not be able to pick up right where you left off when you begin again. This is especially true for kids as it relates to learning the lifesaving skill of swimming.

#2 Summer Prep
Winter is the perfect time for swim lessons because it will get your kids prepped and ready for the eagerly-anticipated return of warm weather and open public pools! Knowing how to swim is a lifesaving activity. AquaKids 2018 session ends on December 22 and then the Winter 2019 session runs from January 2 and ends on May 18; right before summer begins! Continuing with swim lessons during the winter season is imperative.

#3 Your Kids will Learn More Skills
The Winter 2019 session will be 20 weeks long and ends right before Summer 2019 begins. There are 30 weeks until Summer 2019. Your child can easily complete 2 class levels over the next 30 weeks.

#4 It’s Cold Outside, But It’s Warm Inside!
It takes a LOT of effort to get out and face the cold. However, AquaKids keeps the air temperature inside the pool area at 84 degrees and the water at 90 degrees. This means a very enjoyable experience for your kids in the pool.

#5 The Lifesaving Skill of Swimming
There are so many great sports and activities for kids. Especially during the Fall and Winter times. AquaKids believe kids should be exposed to a number of different sports and activities because each sport fosters skills for life. However, only one of them saves lives – swimming. Staying in swim lessons during the Fall and Winter is critical to building the lifesaving skill of swimming.

I love Wednesdays because my little energy filled Nathan goes right to sleep at night… and I think it’s because of the hard work he puts in during swim lessons. I love watching him achieve new skills each week! Don’t miss out! Enroll NOW at AquaKids Swim School Mckinney!

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