Tips for Making Meals the Kids beg to take for Lunch at School

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My three older girls love packing and taking their lunch to school, but they are tired of sandwiches. The older two are in middle school now and they want more “grown up” meals as they call them. As a busy mom I am often challenged with how to work smarter, not harder! This post will hopefully help you with a few ideas to liven up your kids lunches and also help expedite dinner as well!

I was sent a few items in my BabbleBoxx that I think might help you out!


Tip #1 Use Shipt! This is a magical invention! Seriously it is! I am BEYOND impressed with it! Shipt is the most convenient same-day shopping experience and grocery delivery service! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this service! I can grab my phone (they have an app) or sit at my computer and order my groceries and get same day delivery. It’s FREE delivery with $35 worth… and for my family of 6 that is so easy to do! You can use THIS LINK to sign up and get $49 annual membership! Totally worth it! I’ve used it three times in less then two weeks… it’s a busy moms dream come true!

Tip #2 Order your grass fed beef online! Eat Pre has a large variety to choose from! Best of all, they come packages where you can see exactly what you are getting. Always fresh!  (Use the Eat Pre Promo Code “BTS40” for 40% off85/80 lean ground beef. Exp 9/21. or use MYCRAZYSAVINGS to get 10% off order, valid through October 31.)  When I am cooking dinner, I always cook more then we will eat and think of ways we can use it for another meal. For example, when cooking steaks my family loves left over steak to toss on top of a salad the following day for lunch! My big girls hide the left overs because they know dad will take them to work if they don’t… and they are smart… because he definitely would! We were sent Chuck Roast: beef shoulder which I cooked as a roast in my Instant Pot with some veggies, 85% Lean Ground Beef which we made burgers with, 95% Lean Ground Beef which we made tacos with, a New York Strip Steak and Ribeye Steak which I cooked in a cast iron skillet! (That was unbelievably yummy!)

Tip #3 Add sides to dinners that your kids will love and will want to take to school! I love easy to make sides that are full of flavor and Lundberg Rice Pilaf hit the spot! I love that my oldest daughter can make that while I am prepping the salad and cooking the meat!  This is a Gluten-free dish and my girls added chicken to it for their lunches the following day.

Tip #4 Buy school safe snacks that your kids love! I don’t like worrying about what my kids grab for their lunches or snacks for school. MadeGood snacks are made in a facility free
from the 8 common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. My girls really love the granola bars! I love adding the granola minis to my sons lunch box as they contain a serving of vegetables in them… shhhh don’t tell! MadeGood are organic as well as gluten-free!

Tip #5 Have fun with food! My kids know that it’s more fun to create lunches then it is to buy them. They love helping put up food from dinner because that means they get first dibs on what they get in their lunch the following day! They are super creative too! Over the years I have watched them create things for lunch that I would have never thought of. I love watching them enjoy the process!

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  1. I’m always looking for lunch ideas!!! Maybe if I won the Pie Five giveaway he could have leftover pizza for lunch! 🙂

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