Why Swim Lessons are Important Year Round!

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Are you feeling the relief that routine has brought back to your house as your kids are back in school? I am! I love routine! Having four kids, it really helps me feel organized when we have routines to keep us focused. One of the things I love about our back to school schedule is that we get to support each of our kiddos in their “thing!” Our oldest plays middle school sports, so we have lots of opportunities to cheer her on thru the fall and spring semesters! Next is our 6th grader. She has tried a few things and this year decided she wanted to take tumbling and work on learning how to do a back handspring! (She is rocking at it already!) Then comes our 5th grader! She plays softball. My hubby is helping with the team and we can not wait to see her bust the ball and do great things there! Next and last in line is my little guy. He is just 2. We knew the best thing for him was a LIFE SAVING skill of swim lessons.

If you have followed me for very long, then you know that we have had Nathan in swim lessons since March of this year! (6 months now!) He was overly brave with very little skills when he started! He cried and was a HOT MESS! Thankfully, Jacob, his awesome swim instructor was super patient and was able to help Nathan quickly love swim lessons! Nathan is progressing very well and now I no longer worry if he accidentally fell in he wouldn’t know what to do. I am beyond impressed with the ability of my little 2 yr old. I am smart enough to know that if I were to pull him now, he would regress and lose momentum. Since this is a skill he will need for a lifetime, we are keeping him in year round. We know it won’t be long before he will want to try soccer, baseball, or other recreational sports….so getting this life saving skill down first is really important to us. (We secretly hope he loves swimming and wants to go keep going and do swim team!!) Another bonus of swim lessons year round is that you don’t have to worry about the weather canceling your lessons! It won’t be long before softball games will start getting rescheduled due to the rain…and maybe even just scrapped because we will run out of time to make them up!

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