Biz: Working hard on Stains

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I love softball… and I mean I LOVE softball! It’s my sport! I love watching it, coaching it…and even more when my kids are playing! This fall, my 10 yr old is playing and I have enjoyed watching her new team soar to new heights together! BUT… for some reason, her new white pants aren’t feeling like a great fit for her very dirty softball play! Every game she gets down and dirty…and I don’t complain one bit…because this means that she played hard and did exactly what she was supposed to do! Now if you have been reading my blog for very long then you know that I am thrifty and I don’t like spending excess money if I don’t have to. She doesn’t own two pairs of white softball pants, so I have to get them clean after each game! Thankfully I know a few tricks to help me!

As quick as we get home, we pour Biz on the dirtiest areas before tossing them into the dirty clothes. Biz has more active ingredients, and works on all types of stains: blood, grass, grape juice, chocolate, etc. This is perfect for busy moms like me. I don’t have to buy a million stain removers and try them. I need something that will work the first time and get the job done!

The best part about Biz is that I don’t have to do scrub and do the “dirty work”, it’s magic… and Biz does the work for me! Spilled red gatorade, no problem. Grass stains, bring them on. Sliding practice… no biggie. This mama does not stress!

Print this coupon for $1 off your next Biz purchase!

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  1. I have yet to try this. I have been using original blue dawn dish soap for laundry stains for years. I will give it a shot now that I read your review.
    This is my second comment for the Pie Five Giveaway 🙂 Thanks for the awesome reviews and giveaway opportunities

  2. Kim Clark says:

    Might have to try this. This is my second comment for pie five 😉

  3. Shirley Emitt says:

    I do like BIZ, never let me down. This is my second comment for Pie Five.

  4. I don’t share your passion for softball, but I do have softball pants that I have to get stains out of.

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