Swim Lessons with AquaKids Swim School Mckinney

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I absolutely love taking Nathan swimming. He is such a fish! It is so much fun to watch him explore under water. I often have to tell the lifeguards at public pools that he is okay and is intentionally choosing to be under water, as they can hardly believe it when he comes off of a slide and stays under water for a few extra seconds before popping up for air.  I have found that he wears himself out so quickly having fun that I sometimes have to help set limits and pull him out for a “snack” so he can rest for a minute!

I love helping others and when other moms ask me where he learned those awesome skills, I am always happy to tell them all about AquaKids Swim School in Mckinney. It’s fun to refer people in person, here on on my blog, and in Facebook groups! Check out his latest skill:

Probably one of the biggest misses that parents have is WHEN to start kids in swim lessons. Most think they shouldn’t start kids until they are school aged. Actually you can start much earlier! AquaKids Swim School offers a free trial baby class so you can check it out yourself! They have a Waterbaby program that is perfect for little ones!

Their Mommy and me classes are offered from 6 mo to 3 yr! Classes begin with water acclimation and safety and progress to independent swimming and back floating.
There are 3 levels in the Waterbaby program. Beginners are Waterbaby 1 and will build a 5 second breath control by the end of the session. Their Fall 2018 session registration is open and Fall 2018 begins on 8/20/18.
The McKinney location has a pool that is 15×20 ft dedicated to babies and beginners. And no worries that the water will be too cold for the littles because their water is heated to 90 degrees. They do require a cloth, non-disposable swim diaper for class. They are available for sale for $11 at the facility.
Enjoy learning a lifesaving skill of swimming with your baby along with making lifelong friends with other class members!
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