Nathan’s progress at AquaKids Mckinney (+ Book at Party!)

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It has been a crazy last few weeks! I have heard of two kids (connected to friends or family) who have died due to drowning. They were local and both happened in a pool full of people. Another friend had to jump in a rescue her daughter after finding her non responsive in a pool. It’s so scary and heart breaking. The stats are not pretty for the amount of kids who drown a year.

These are all motivating factors in getting Nathan’s swim skills sharpened. As you know, we have been doing AquaKids swim school in Mckinney for a few months now. Nathan now holds skills that I wish every toddler could have! Nathan can fully back float (as of last week!), swim to the edge of the pool and climb out. He is getting better and better each week.

I was recently out and about at a public pool and Nathan was jumping in and swimming to me when a friend asked how long he had been in lessons. I told her that he started in March. Her son had been in lessons at another place (for Tots) since January and could not swim at all. He jumped in and sank quickly. Of course I told her that she should try out AquaKids as I am certain she would see a difference! If you are looking to get your little one into swim lessons, NOW is the time! Summer is here!


Also, if you are looking for a fun place to enjoy an indoor swim party… this IS the place! When you book your party at AquaKids, you can include 20 child swimmers.  Additional children are $5 each. Your party will include 2 lifeguards who will monitor the swimming portion that comes first for 1 hour and 15 minutes. After swimming you will have 45 minutes in their party room for your party activities.  Adults swim free, but 30 or more total swimmers including adults & children will require a 3rd lifeguard for $25.You may arrive 15 minutes before your party starts to set up. When the party is over the lifeguards will return to help you clean!

AquaKids Swim School is located conveniently off of Custer and Eldorado. (3231 Bahnman Dr, McKinney, TX 75070) They have a private parking lot that makes for easy access! AquaKids currently offers 81 opens for classes, ranging from babies to older kids. You can do private lessons, group lessons, and even swim team.

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Click here to set up a FREE trial swim class for your little one!

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