Dirty Secrets and my favorite Mom Hack

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I have partnered with Biz to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest! I like to talk about products I use and love! Biz is one of them.

As a mom there are many things that I try to balance every day. Work, kids, relationship with hubby, errands, house work…the list goes on and on. This month I decided that I needed to shed a few things off of my plate. When I sat down and thought through the items that I feel are most time consuming and never ended, two things popped to the top of my list… dishes and laundry.

Thankfully, I had tackled the dishes problem a few months ago. I have one child who unloads the dishwasher and one who unloads it. That was been a really nice change… but the laundry hasn’t been divided up. In fact, it seems to stress everyone out. No one wants to even sort it and put it away when I wash it and bring it out in baskets. I guess with a family of six, it is kinda a lot. Here is where changes are taking place!

Each kid now owns their OWN laundry basket. They have each been given one day a week to do THEIR OWN laundry! They can’t get stressed out about the sorting and putting away when it is THEIR laundry! My three oldest are 9, 11, and 13. They are plenty old enough to do this task. I will still take on towels, bedding, etc, but no longer do I have to stress about THEIR laundry. Here are a few more benefits of this change. 1.) ALL socks have matches…because they were only worn by ONE child. No more laundry basket of 40803983 random socks that no one wants to try to match! 2.) Since they can only wash one time a week, they will no longer be trying to wear the same three shirts over and over… yea for that! (They used to get mad because I didn’t get it back in their closet quick enough…) 3.) Less resources are being wasted… water, electricity, and laundry detergent!

I use Biz. I no longer pretreat as Biz seems to do all of my “dirty work” for me! I also love that with Biz a little does a lot! You don’t have to use a large quantity to get your clothes clean. My kids clothes have sweat, chlorine from the pool, blood, mud, slime, and so much more in it. Biz gets it out!

So my mom hack is this… have your kids do their own laundry! Buy them their own baskets…we use these…they are cheap at Walmart… and use Biz because it does all of the dirty work!

You can find out more about BIZ at www.bizstainfighter.com and follow along with their social channels:

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