DeCluttering Life to feel Balanced

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I’ve been going 90-nothing for the past 13 years since having my first daughter! I’ve put the kids ahead of myself and I don’t feel too much sadness about that. I have always wanted to be a mom and raise sweet kiddos and feel that I am living my dream. However, somewhere along the way I stopped organizing and started doing what was quick or easy. 13 years of this creates a ton of mess! Having never taught my kids any different, I now have four contributors to the mess. Don’t get me wrong, our house isn’t a hoarders den, but there is stuff stashed away that isn’t going to take care of itself. Drawers, cabinets, closets all over stuffed with junk that needs to be dealt with.

I have partnered with Kappi Helms of Declutter With Me, Frisco to get this under control! She has given me so much to think about and has helped me weed out the junk and get organized. How her service works:

1.) You make contact with her (You can message her thru Facebook here!) and set up a consultation.

2.) She sends you some paperwork to fill out. One question that stumped me was what 10 items I would take with  me in event of emergency and not being able to take anything else. I thought and thought on that… and only came up with 5! With the tens of thousands of items in my house, I could only come up with 5. That’s very telling!

3.) When she comes to your home, she will do a walk thru and take photos and notes. She will sit and talk with you about your hopes and goals.

4.) Once you agree to move forward with her, you will get started right away! (She did consultation and a few hours in the same day!)

5.) She will leave you with a plan of action to use to keep the momentum going.

I had some very big tasks that I had at the top of my list. She was able to help me see that starting in those places would not be wise use of my time as I needed some systems to organize before trying to take on the mountains.

My kitchen was an area that I thought was some what functioning. Well, I actually confessed to her early on that I was soooo exhausted from the cups jumping out of the cabinets every time I opened the door…and sometimes with the door shut! We started there. I wish I would have counted…but it was SOOOO many more then I would like to admit that I was holding on it…and why? I am really not sure. We grabbed a donation box and started filling it up. There are 6 people in my family… no need for 60 cups. (There really might have been that many in there!) She helped me to move thru the large amount and make quick decisions. I was amazed how little I was really attached to many of the items and how easy it was to let them go. We moved from the cups to the plates/bowls area and that was a quick fix. After those cabinets, we moved to tupperware. I had cleaned it out a few months ago and only kept pieces that had lids…but somehow we already had mismatched extras hanging out. We got that organized, as well as the kids lunch boxes and bags.

Here are some before and after…so you can see how much better these spaces look now!

It felt so good to have all of that done in the short time that she was at my house! When she left I felt the start of something really refreshing, organization! I was hungry for more! I kept going! I worked on the pantry some, a few drawers, and did what I could throughout the weekend!

Hubby likes organization…but he made a comment that stuck with me, “What do you want to organize what is hidden in cabinets and closets?” The more I thought about that, the more I knew the answer. I want to live a life that is pure, consistent through and through. I don’t want to “hide” messes in closets or cabinets. I want to be an open book. I want the freedom that comes with having “nothing to hide!” I want to feel organized in the little things, and in the big. I FEEL refreshed when my world is organized. I feel less stress. This world offers so much to feel stressed about and I don’t want my home to be a place where me or my family feels stress.

I had Kappi come back the following Monday. This time we decided to tackle an area that hubby would be thankful was organized! We took on the master bedroom! We started with his nightstand. It had become a catch-all for tons of things. We found so many random things in it… four pairs of sunglasses, his wedding ring that he thought that he had lost, outdated papers that needed to be trashed from 2011! So much of it was trash. We cleaned a few more drawers that were hosting tons of junk and old things that we were no longer using. We took photos out of frames that were tucked under the bed and not being used. Two more boxes of donate and a few bags of trash. This felt SOOO good.

Over all, I feel like I am starting to chip away at years of poor home management… or junk/trash management. Two spaces are now organized and I feel freedom in both of those spaces. I feel rest and relaxation! Hubby was impressed and very excited about the work that we got done.

I have done some self evaluation and have decided to keep going with DeClutter With Me. I need her wise systems and organization tips to get the house where I want it to be. I will attempt to tackle another space and see how far I get. When I get stuck I will reach out and schedule more time with her to push thru. Kappi is easy to talk to and work with. She is focused and will help keep you from getting stuck or from having decision exhaustion.


She has offered a deal for me to share that is exclusive to my readers…

4 hour session for $225 when you mention this post or my name!

This is normally $265, so a $40 savings! You will not regret booking it! I plan to do a few 4 hour sessions to put this crazy house in order once and for all!

Make sure to follow DeClutter With me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I love seeing all of her fun tips/tricks, before/after picts!

What is one space that you would like to see organized the most.

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  1. Kim Clark says

    My room I have never organized my room after kids because it’s always last ugh

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