Tips for Cruising Carnival

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We just took a cruise as a family. We needed the change in scenery after months of physical therapy following my unexpected achilles rupture and surgery.

We were planning to go during the summer with our kids, and ended up moving it up for a few reasons. The biggest reason we moved it up was it was HALF the price! Here are a few tips that I have found that make cruising Carnival easier!

1.) Take a wagon! Yes you heard that right! Put your luggage into a wagon and pull it onto the ship. This will make things so much easier. We have four kids and their luggage plus ours is a lot… but the wagon makes it less to pull… and bonus… you can put your littles in the wagon too. You can buy this awesome travel wagon on Amazon!

2.) Use the porters when you disembark. We tip them a dollar per bag. Porters have their own line for getting thru security. The line for those carrying their own bags was MUCH longer! Totally worth the $10!

3.) Shuttle as a family to/from parking lot. When you split up it actually takes longer to get through the embarking process. We always pay to park at a nearby lot. (We like EZ Cruise in Galvaston!) We try to arrive as early as possible, and shuttle over to board the cruise ship. If my hubby dropped us over with all of the luggage and went to park the van, it would take twice as long as the line to get near the ship is very long. Shuttle buses know the routes and get you in quickly.

Here are a few things you might not know about Carnival! Some ships offer a play area for littles to climb and get their energy out. Nathan could have played here for hours every day!

Also most ships offer a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast! It’s only $5 per person and there is fun Dr Seuss themed food and characters for photo ops!


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