AquaKids Swim School Mckinney has Awesome Swim Instructors!

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To say that I am impressed with how Nathan’s swim lessons are going would be an understatement! I know Nathan has worked hard to learn new skills, but I really have to put the credit where it is due. The staff at AquaKids Swim School in Mckinney has gone above and beyond with every experience we have had. Here are a few of the things I LOVE about their staff:

  • When we walk in, they greet Nathan by name. (They KNOW him!)
  • Nathan has the same teacher each week and loves “Bak-up” (Jacob!) Having a consistent face is great when the kiddo are so young. It eases their anxieties and Jacob knows what helps get Nathan excited about swim lessons!
  • At the end of class, I get a verbal report on what Nathan needs to work on, but more so hear so much praise directed at Nathan for his hard work and accomplishments.
  • Upon mastering a new skill, I get an email telling me what he has done and what still needs to be mastered. We have a few weeks left in this session and he is already working on AquaTots 2 skills because he has mastered AquaTots 1 goals. (you can always log into your account to see this info too!)

I could go on and on about the staff! Here are a few requirements placed on the instructors to help ensure they hire and employ the best of the best:

  • Pre-employment Background check
  • Pre-employment Drug test
  • 40 hours shadowing another instructor
  • 5 hours training with our owner 1-on-1
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, AED certificate
  • Random monthly drug testing

If you are looking to get your little one into swim lessons, NOW is the time! Summer is almost here and the weather is heating up! I am so excited to go into the summer months with more confidence as Nathan now knows how to climb out of the water on his own and can swim well enough and back float until help arrives. He is a brave boy, but now has some skills to go with the bravery!

AquaKids Swim School is located conveniently off of Custer and Eldorado. (3231 Bahnman Dr, McKinney, TX 75070) They have a private parking lot that makes for easy access! AquaKids currently offers 81 opens for classes, ranging from babies to older kids. You can do private lessons, group lessons, and even swim team.

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