Apps that I am Using and Loving this month

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I thought that it might be fun to talk about Apps that I am using and loving this month! I have SOO many on my phone but as you know (if you have a smart phone) you only keep the ones that truly benefit you as they take up precious space that could be used for photos or other important items!

The Health and Fitness app that I am using this month is called The Transform App. It’s by Chris and Heidi Powell. It’s a work out app that helps give you ideas each day. I had a coupon code to try it out for a month for $1. It’s been a challenge but something that is pushing me…and I like that. Yesterday was 60 burpees… those are SOO hard! I love that I get a video showing me how to do the workout…as well as modifications. (I need those as I have a spinal fusion and can’t do some workouts!)

Another app that I am using and loving is DietBet. This is my 4th time to do a diet bet! As you know I LOVE saving money and the thought of wasting it makes me sick! This app is free, however to play the “Diet Bet” game you have to pay into the pot. I paid $30 to play this game for a month. To get my money back (plus some more!) I have to lose 4% of my body weight before the end of the month. Because I am motivated by money, I am working hard to lose that 4%. It’s a game changer for me. $30 is a lot of money to throw away…and I want to lose…so this is a win-win. I WILL get my $30 back because I WILL lose my 4%.

The last app that I am using and loving is DOSH! As I mentioned above, I am motivated by money! With the DOSH! app, it is easy to use! The app is free to download and you can enjoy earning cash back for every day shopping. You can earn for shopping online, or even in a grocery store. You don’t have to do anything except register your credit card in the Dosh app. Every time you use that card…you can earn money! There is over 100K hotels, online brands, stores and restaurants for you to earn from! SOO easy! Right now you can get $15 for every friend who downloads the app from YOUR link (thru the 21st of Jan…and they must link a credit card)! (You can help me out by using my link to get started!)


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  1. Krisa Bryant says:

    Wow! These are all great ideas and helpful tools for a new year and new start!

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