Empowering Confidence Through Girls on the Run

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I have partnered with P&G on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own and are honest. I truly love sharing about awesome partnerships like this!

I have three daughters! I want them to have the richest, fullest lives that I can possibly give them. Chloe, Emma, and Maci are all beautiful, smart, intelligent young women. They are ages 12, 10, and 9. I want to cheer them on and watch their confidence grow as they mature. But did you know a girl’s confidence begins to drop by the age of nine¹? And by the age of 10, girls’ physical activity levels decline and continue to decrease throughout adolescence²? That is terrible! These statistics really speak to me seeing that my own daughters are all very driven girls. Chloe plays softball, volleyball, and basketball. She works hard to grow in each sport. Emma tried a few sports and they weren’t for her. She loves to sing and dance and gets to do that every weekend. Maci is my youngest, and she plays softball and basketball. My girls love team sports and cheering each other on. I love going to their games and supporting them! I might cheer a little too loud at times, but I (secretly) think they love it! I’m working with Always and Target to empower girls everywhere and help build confidence one step at a time.

When I watch my girls perform, I think about the Always #LikeAGirl campaign! The Always #LikeAGirl mission is to stop the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty. I love how Always #LikeAGirl is partnering with Target to help girls keep going despite any setbacks they may encounter in an effort to build their confidence and help stop the drop in confidence they experience at puberty. Target, with the support of Always, is donating 1 million dollars to Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization that provides a physical activity-based positive youth development program to girls in third to eighth grades. Their curriculum is 10 weeks long and provides girls with the opportunity to grow in confidence and activate their limitless potential! Check out this video and see how Spirit, a Girls on the Run graduate, learned to grow in confidence and reach her limitless potential. It wasn’t until she joined this program that she was not afraid to take on new risks and learned that she can overcome anything she sets her mind to.

This awesome donation will enable thousands more girls who are not currently able to participate in the Girls of the Run program to take part and will help Girls on the Run reach their goal of serving two million girls by 2021. I love that American gymnast Simone Biles is supporting Girls on the Run as well because helping girls to grow in confidence and activate their limitless potential is essential to our future…and theirs!

1 Self-Esteem: Robins, R.W., Trzesniewski, K.H., Tracy, J.L., Gosling, S.D., Potter, J. (2002). Global Self-Esteem Across the Life Span. Psychology and Aging, 17(3), 423-434
2 Physical Activity: Smith, A. L., & Biddle, S. J. H. (2008). Youth physical activity and sedentary behavior: Challenges and solutions. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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