Six Flags Over Texas Family Fun

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We were invited to enjoy a day at Six Flags Over Texas. All opinions are mine and are honest.

We knew we wanted to wait until it was a little cooler to check out Six Flags as a family. With kids ages 1-12, we needed to be able to divide and conquer for the most fun! We waited until we had a free Sunday and awesome weather and planned our trip! It has been a year or so since my kiddos have been and I knew we would spend most of our day there! We planned to be there when it opened and stay until dark. Since it’s currently Fright Fest, I knew that we needed to leave before the creepies came out! During the day, you can still enjoy (if you want) seeing lots of creepy photo ops and statues around the park.


While hubby took the big kids and headed off to the Texas Giant, I took little man over to Looney Toons land. We enjoyed riding on a few rides…and as an added bonus after leaving the ride, we were handed candy! This does not happen year round, I believe it’s a Halloween treat kind of thing!

After, they got off the of Giant, we met up for lunch! Hubby and I split a double cheese burger meal. He wrapped his part of the burger in the lettuce and I ate the other patty in the bun. You get SOOO many fries and we were both full on $13! Not bad for feeding two adults! (Random tip…for an afternoon treat grab a funnel cake for $5 before 4PM, located right by the entrance of the park!)

The girls wanted to ride all of the big rides, so they did Batman, Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Superman! Little man napped while they rode! It was a pretty perfect day, weather wise and we all enjoyed the fun…even ran into Hustle Mom Repeat while we were there!

There is SOO much to see and do at Six Flags. We didn’t even see a forth of the park! We had so much fun and my kids can not wait to go back and explore some more! Maybe we will take them during the Holiday break! I hear it’s awesome!

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