A Mother’s Panic… (+ Giveaway!)

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I am not sure when the problem started. I don’t think I have always been a “hoarder” of sorts. Once I became a mom, I started saving and storing our photos (and at the time film) in as many places as possible. I saved to Shutterfly, Snapfish, then Google Photos, and on my computer, multiple memory cards, on DVD’s and of course I never delete from my phone or the cloud. I worry constantly that I will not have access to my photos or that they will be deleted accidentally or disappear. I have thousands upon thousands of photos saved in various places. I got the above pictured email this week and it really got me thinking… there has to be another way! Sadly, I no longer actually print them. I stopped because we had so many albums that were just taking up space and I knew that digital storage was a better plan.

Now that my photos are stored all over the place (digitally) I have NO clue how to organize them. My fear of losing them has now shifted from having access to them, to finding a way for my children to enjoy them later in life. I suppose I can make them photo books with just the highlights from each year…one book per kid, per year. But the thought of sitting and trying to organize SOO many photos is overwhelming. I have considered printing a book from my Facebook status for them, but when I last looked into it was going to cost me $$$!

I haven’t found a good solution. I am reaching out to you guys…please help me figure out a solution that works for my busy family of six. I will take suggestions via the comments on this post for the next month. After a month, I will choose a winner who I will ship a surprise to!

I truly need help with this! I would feel like I had a HUGE weight lifted if I could nail down a plan…

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  1. I love using Mixbook. You can use their templates to automatically pull in your photos or spend time editing each element to your liking. Their quality and processing time is fantastic. They are always offering great deals on their products. If I were you I’d do one photo book per year for the whole family.
    If you decide to check them out you can use my code for $20 off … even if you don’t their deals are really good in my opinion. https://mixbook.extole.com/s/v5qbe

  2. I also organized all my photos by year and season. Four albums a year is a lot more manageable for me – organized just enough to keep my Type A self happy but not so nitty gritty that I have to dig to find what folder they’re in. I also recently had to upgrade my Google storage and have just accepted that this is one of those expenses that comes with the Digital Age.

  3. If you find a solution — let me know. My Macbook is loaded up and I need to get them OFF of iPhoto and onto something that will organize them and will NOT go away….

    I haven’t printed out photos in 5 years….well, I did print out some. But I’m not sure where I put them (sobs) AND I printed out a bunch from when we lived in wales and they are still not in albums. They are in a box…

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