Family Fun at Pinstack Las Colinas

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My kids had a four day weekend and we decided it would be fun to spend one day at Pinstack playing. We were invited to check out the Las Colinas Pinstack location! We had no idea of the fun that was in store for us! I knew they had bowling and yummy eats, but had no idea about everything else that they offer! Even though we were hosted for our day of fun, all opinions are my own and are honest!

When we first arrived, we decided that bowling and eating lunch was where we would start! We were set up on two lanes and placed our order for our food. The girls were set up to bowl with bumpers as was Nathan. Steve and I both took bowling in college, and didn’t “need” them! With two lanes going at the same time, we stayed busy until the food came. It didn’t take long for the yummy appetizer tray to come out. That alone could have been a full meal!

The fried Mac’n cheese balls were my absolute favorite thing on that platter! They were crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside! Hubby loved the wings best, and my girls were divided on the cheese sticks, chips/dip, chicken/waffles, and sliders. Seriously, we could have just eaten this as a meal. Next came our cheese pizzas and chicken pesto pizzas!





















Our waitress was amazing! She kept our drinks full…and that’s not easy when there are six of us! When our game came close to an end, we looked up to see this YUMMY dessert making its way over to us! WOW! We were all so full by this point, but could NOT resist this! The warm cheesecake filling was balanced by the fresh berries… oh how I wish I could make this at home!


After we were completely full and little man had beat us all in bowling (he had the rails to drop his ball down and bummers to keep it centered!) we decided it was time to head over and explore the rest of the facility.

My oldest two quickly noticed there was a ropes course up top! How fun! They made their way up and enjoyed that for a few minutes while we played with the little two on the arcade games.

Once they were done with that, they noticed the rock climbing wall! This place really did have something for everyone! (I think we will go back for a date night!)

After the girls were done climbing, they decided a game of laser tag was in order. I stayed out with Nathan while they played and we enjoyed watching several games of air hockey. Last, after all of the fun in laser tag, Maci, my youngest daughter spotted the bumper cars! Of course, dad was happy to jump in on that action! I stood outside of that area holding my little, tired toddler, listening to the rest of the kiddos laughing. It was a great day!

Upon finishing the bumper cars, we traded in our tickets (from winnings on the arcade games) for prizes! Everyone left with something to enjoy. I was surprised at how many awesome items were offered! The girls had a hard time deciding on what to get!

If you are looking to plan a day out at an inside venue that offers a wide variety of options, yummy food, and family fun, then Pinstack is the perfect choice! Make sure you check out their specials!

Head over and connect with Pinstack online and on Facebook!

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