Preparing for Potty Training Adventures

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Today we are partnering with Oriental Trading to bring you this post with a fun idea on potty training.

I’ve never potty trained a boy, but I have heard it is tougher then girls. Admittedly, I have no idea what is in store for me. A few friends who have done this say that they love going pee in the potty as there are targets and such that make it a game, but that poop is much more difficult.

I decided that I would get creative in this venture and come up with a way to help him stay distracted while his body did the dirty work. (Pun intended!) For a few weeks now, I have noticed that he is a morning pooper. He always hides in the same spot. This consistent behavior is what tipped me off that he might be ready. We will give it a go and if he is not quite ready then we will hold off a few months and try again. I’m not in a huge rush, as his preschool program doesn’t require it at his age.

I decided that I would pick out some fun, engaging toys for him to explore while sitting and waiting. Oriental Trading has tons of these now that they sell Learn365 items! Learn365 is packed with all of the things I was serving for! There was so much to pick from, but I picked out a few wooden puzzles, some star stickers to use (with the chart below) and a Find It toy that he could hold and search. The key to making these toys work is not allowing him to play with them any other time. They are “bathroom toys” until we have this process figured out.

I have several friends who have potty trained by reading books in the bathroom, but I didn’t want to make our bathroom time our reading time. He loves books and we read them all day long. I really think having a few items that are JUST for bathroom time might help him to want to try!

Check out this fun printable sticker chart that I found on You can use when you potty train your little one. I plan to print one per day and if needed we will use it for a few days.

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