Survival Swim Lessons with British Swim School

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It’s really hot in Texas and we either stay inside in the summer or enjoy time at the pool to stay cool. With our youngest (who is now 18 months) being so “brave and daring” we were excited to get him some water safely skills. Last year he wasn’t walking so it was easy to put him in a baby float and call it good. This year, he wants independence.

British Swim School reached out to me in April and offered for Nathan to come try out their class. I knew it wouldn’t hurt to get him in the water and we signed him up. What I was not prepared for was the progress that he would make each week. He progressed very quickly and moved up a level in that short month.

When we started the class, he was very clingy and did not want to let go… today he is very confident in the water. He will put is face under and blow bubbles. He will float in his swim ring without us holding on, and he will jump in from the edge of the pool. He will also fully submerge and loves it. He is currently working on relaxing while back floating.

Here are a few things that I personally love about British Swim School. It is held at a local hotel pool. This cuts overhead of the upkeep of a pool and allows the funds to be channeled to the instructors. Every week, Nathan had the same instructors…Ms. Apple and Ms. Banana. They were great with him. He loved seeing them each week. I loved how the instructors helped the parents build the confidence and that the classes were very small. We had two others in our class. I also love how British Swim School has very clear defined (achievable) goals for each level. The classes aren’t super long and the kids stay engaged!

If you have a little one who needs some swim skills, check out British Swim School! You won’t be sad!

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