The Truth about Laser Hair Removal

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I have partnered with Spa810 to bring you this post. All opinions are my own and are honest!

If you have been reading my blog for the last few months, then you know that I have been doing some spa treatments with Spa810 in Plano. I have been checking out all that they have to offer…well almost! The one thing that I wasn’t quite ready to check out was the laser hair removal. I was nervous. After my last appointment, I decided to give it a go. I made the appointment for the following week.

Fast forward to yesterday! I went, I did it! I had posted on Facebook the night before that I was going to do it and asked for my friends to weigh in on how it was. Their replies scared me! Some said it was “like getting popped with a rubber band over and over again” which didn’t sound fun at all. One said she would rather give birth to octuplets with an epidural or get attacked by a shark! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? This sounded pretty awful. I started questioning my decision to do this but decided that I could give it a ONE time try and go from there.

One of my friends, Jenn, got it done the week before at Spa810 and so I reached out to her to see what she thought. She told me it was only 45 seconds under each arm. That sounded do-able. So in I went…

It was not nearly as horrible as some of my friends described! It was completely bearable and I will definitely do it again. She put tons of cooling gel on the area before starting and the machine just rolled over the gel. It wasn’t sharp, or super hot. It felt like someone was rolling over my armpit with a roller that was warm. By the time I was expecting to feel some sort of pain, it was over and she was moving over to the other arm! WOW! This is what the machine looks like…totally NOT scary!

I learned a TON of info about it and how there are so many different machines and techniques to doing this. Spa810 uses the Alma Soprano ICE laser. This system cools the skin and is FDA approved for all skin types. Hair removal is virtually pain free, permanent and effective on any area of the body, from the delicate bikini area to your legs, arms, back or face.

What you should know BEFORE you go:

Shave 24 hours before treatment. Do not use deodorants, cremes or lotions on the day of the laser treatment. You can no expose treated area to direct sun light or spray tan for 2 weeks before treatment. This includes tanning beds. You can not do laser hair removal if you are on antibiotics. (I did not know this!) You will be required to fill out a lengthy form to make sure all bases are covered on your health!

Here is a video I did on my personal page before I went in… and then watch this one to see a video after! <3

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