Beat the Clock at Escape Hunt Dallas

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If you have never been to an escape room, then you are missing out! Escape Hunt Dallas was my third one to do and by far the best! I love solving and figuring out things and this was exactly what I had in mind for a fun day with blogger friends! Escape Hunt Dallas hosted myself and a few other bloggers for a morning of fun!

We had some yummy eats before heading back to test our communication skills along with our problem solving skills! I love that they have a room for meetings, brunch, Escape Room Team Building, or even birthday parties! When you walk into Escape Hunt Dallas, it just feels like you walked into Sherlock Holmes library!

There are several things that sets this experience apart from the others that I have done! The first is that the location is obvious and in a safe area, near many restaurants. (I’ve done a few in warehouses and I had no clue if I was at the right address because there were NO signs outside…and it was dark…and in a bad part of town…) The next thing that sets Escape Hunt apart from the rest is the detail that has gone into creating the perfect atmosphere! From the second you walk in, you feel like you are there to solve the mystery! The decor is on point and clean. (Again the warehouse feel felt very “home made” for lack of better words!) Another thing I loved about Escape Hunt Dallas is that they had lockers (with keys) to secure our belongings. That was the first escape room that I have been to that actually had that… the others just had a place upfront that you could leave stuff. And last, I love the friendly staff that made us feel welcomed and made the game fun for us!

Before we went inside the room, we were told the rules and how to unlock the locks…one lock I had never seen before! Cell phones were locked up in our lockers… no cheating! Off to¬†“The Texas Stolen Lone Star” room we went! We had a blast trying to figure it out! Thankfully we made it out with minutes to spare! We actually ALMOST beat the record for that room. We had so much fun and left feeling accomplished…and hungry for MORE! In fact, I’m trying to talk hubby into going tomorrow night to do another room! The other two rooms are called Circuit Overload and Jailhouse Justice! SO MUCH FUN!

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