Thoughts while getting a Massage!

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I have partnered with Spa810 for a series of posts about their awesome services. All opinions are mine and are honest!

After a very busy weekend of travel and running around, I was thankful to have a massage scheduled for Monday morning! My back is where I carry my stress. Add to that, my (not so) little guy is 26 lbs now and likes to be carried from time to time. My body was in need! I had a massage at Spa810 in Plano a few months back and was excited to go again, but chose the longer one this time.

When I arrived, I was offered wine…which I enjoyed before heading back to the massage room! I met Heather, my massage therapist and we talking about what I needed and the pressure I wanted. After snuggling down onto the warm massage table, I was ready for 80 minutes of uninterrupted bliss. Phone on silent, Apple Watch on the table out of eye shot… I was ready! As I laid there relaxing and enjoyed the peaceful sounds and aroma therapy, I tried to think about NOTHING. That didn’t exactly work out… Here is where my brain went for that 80 minutes.

5 minutes in – I feel so relaxed! I am so thankful she is starting with my back, that’s what needs the most work. Maybe I should ask her to spend the whole 80 minutes on my back alone?

10 minutes in – my back is feeling so much better, I am so thankful she is working on it still. I wonder what my kids are up to, and if they will call Steve if they need something. Oh duh, he is there with them now. I wonder what they will have for lunch.

20 minutes in – stomach growling and I am hoping therapist isn’t hearing that! I should have ate before coming. I want to think about nothing but am afraid that I will fall asleep. It’s so dark and peaceful in here.

30 minutes in – why am I not doing this once a month. I am so connected all of the time, I need to make time to be disconnected from the world and just fall into peaceful bliss. This is better then a pedicure. I really feel relaxed and with all my friends could experience this too.

40 minutes in – I am so sleepy. I will not fall asleep. Every time I start to drift off, I wake myself in fear that she will ask me to roll over and I’ll be snoring. Maybe next time I come I could ask for an extra 30 minutes after the massage to take a short little nap. Do people do that?

50 minutes in – She has now worked my back, neck and is working on my legs. I love it when she puts pressure in the back of my head at the neck line. That feels like a good stretch on my neck muscles and kind of reminds me of the bliss of having my hair washed at the salon.

60 minutes in – I am so thankful that my massage isn’t ending yet! She is now working on my arms! I forget what that feels like and just how much I DO use my hands and arms. Those muscles need the work over just as much as my back.

70 minutes in – She is starting to work on my feet. This is the last untouched area she has left to work on. I am dreading that we are nearing the end. I love that she is working on my feet… they literally carry the weight of the days events! Oh my goodness she is putting a hot towel on them to wipe off the oil… this feels amazing!

Then just like that, it’s over! I am always amazed how quickly that flies by… but you know what…life flies by too if you don’t take a minute (or 80) to relax and enjoy the ride.

Spa810 offers several options for their massages! I scheduled a couples massage for next month for hubby and I…shhhh, don’t tell him! We are going to do deep tissue massages next time and adding the hot stone if possible!

If you know someone who has been really stressed lately, you might consider giving them the gift of a massage!

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  1. It IS hard to think of NOTHING! My massage thoughts usually include things like:
    – Ahhh, that feels great – I need to remember that so I can teach it to hubby
    – Or sometimes… Ugh! Are they even trying? Or do they think the goal is to just lightly rub lotion on me?
    – I don’t have to pee. I don’t have to pee.
    – Please don’t fart. Please don’t fart.
    – Relax and stop thinking so much.
    – Hmmm, this person’s name is “___”. I went to elementary school with someone named that. I wonder where they are today. Are they on Facebook? Maybe I should get off of social media. It makes me compare myself to others…
    – Whoa – time to flip over already?
    – I wonder if my face has an outline of the table hole on it. Good thing it’s dark in here.
    – It’s weird switching to face-up… I feel like they are breathing right on my face.
    – I wish I could offer them some gum. Or a mint. Don’t think think about this stuff?
    – Ahhh – I love that massage technique… Can I ask them to repeat for infinity?
    – Time’s up. I really just want to lay here for a while. A nap would be nice.

    I did read that focusing on your breathing can help you NOT think about other things. It works for me for about 3 breaths and then my mind is racing again.

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