Sledding, Discovery Museum, and Circus Circus Fun in Reno – Tahoe!

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Today we started the day off with a yummy breakfast buffet at Granlabakkin before heading out to sled on their slopes! I love how easy it is to gear up and sled right there on property! We saw others snowboarding and skiing even there as well.

After a few runs and LOTS of laughs, we turned in our sleds and packed our bags to head for Reno. The remainder of our trip would be spent in town in Reno. We started our time in Reno at Sup. We enjoyed delicious soup, sandwiches, and even a cookie! The food was all prepared fresh, and was organic. It was delicious and Chloe couldn’t stop raving over the broccoli cheddar soup! I ordered the B.L.A.T and it was delicious! I would highly recommend it! Next time I am in Reno, I will enjoy Sup again!

We made our way over to Discovery Museum a few short blocks away for an afternoon of play! We love hands on, thinking enrichments and this place is full of them! It was so much fun going room to room exploring. We made robots, explored anatomy, made music, did some thinking games, and so much more! We were there for a few hours and could have easily spent a whole day playing. We saw a birthday party there too! Such a great place to play and explore! Here are a few pictures from the day!

We ended our day with fun at Circus Circus! This is a fun filled resort! We checked in and put our stuff in our room. The views from our room were beautiful. We could see mountains for days!

We then headed down to Midway where we played games for a few hours!

There was so much to do there and also circus acts every 45 minutes! We loved watching these. We did lives of them if you want to watch! Check them out here and here! If I lived near Circus Circus, I would want to go every weekend with my family!

We enjoyed dinner at El Jefe’s. It was delicious! Their menu is very diverse and has something for everyone! I highly recommend their guacamole! It was so fresh and full of flavor! We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore….but then heard about the “stair way to heaven” and knew we had to try it! This desert was definitely one to share! Trust me, you WANT to order this!

Here is Chloe’s thoughts about the day!

First, we went sledding, after eating a delicious breakfast, which was really fun! Here is a funny story! When I first got to the top of the hill I let go of my sled and it took off without me! I climbed back to the top, after chasing it down the hill, and climbed onto my sled! I had to push off to get started and then that’s when the height of the hill hit me! I didn’t want to go down any more! I started to get off and then the sled moved down hill and it took off with me on it still! I had to yell at my mom to look out because I was going so fast on that sled and if she didn’t move in time I would have crashed in her and we both would be in the ER! I went back up and did this a few more times. It was so much fun and a lot less scary then I first thought. After sledding, we drove to Reno to a kid/adult Casino called Circus Circus! Before we went there we stopped at SÜP for lunch and I ordered a yummy broccoli and cheddar soup. After that we stopped at The Discovery Center for some hands on fun! It was really cool, especially the build your own robot! We checked into Circus Circus and unloaded all of our luggage in the room and rested for a little bit! After about an hour of resting we went to go to the Midway to play games! We played a lot of different games and I won three prizes! After that we were getting kinda hungry so we went over to El Jeffes where I had these delicious enchiladas and for the dessert we had a delicious “stairway to heaven dessert and with every bite. We came back to the room and crashed as we were so exhausted from the full days events. This hotel is so much fun and I know my sisters would have loved it. I hope we come back here with them some day.

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