Our last day of fun in Reno – Tahoe

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We have had so much fun on this mother-daughter trip to Reno -Tahoe! I have decided that I want to come back with my whole family to ski. We will likely wait until our littlest is old enough to go to ski school! I am also considering making Tahoe the place I take my hubby (SHHHHHHHH) for his 40th birthday get away trip! They have a rib fest that I think he would be in heaven at! I want him to see the beauty that Tahoe has and thanks to Southwest Airlines having a direct flight from Dallas, I can make this happen!!!

On our last day in Reno, we slept in a little, then headed out to breakfast! The breakfast at Eldorado Buffet inside Circus Circus is no joke! They had EVERYTHING!

We ate until we were stuffed before heading out to BaseCamp at Whitney Peak Hotel. They have tons of indoor and outdoor walls to climb! You can literally climb up the wall on the outside, overlooking the city! It’s soooo cool!

Chloe climbed until her arms wouldn’t hold her anymore! It was so fun! I could see wanting to do this a few days in a row next time we are in Reno! It was really a cool place!

After climbing, we headed over to Nevada Museum of Art! We explored all of the floors and the artwork that was displayed! The top floor was captivating as you could step outside and look out over the city and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. This is a hot spot for weddings! Inside, the art varied and Chloe was very curious about several pieces! She especially loved the giant mylar ball.

Last we headed over to Two Chicks for lunch! Oh man, we were in a for a treat there! Their menu was full of yummy choices.

I settled on a burger, which had fried egg on it and some parmesan fries, and Chloe ordered mint chocolate chip pancakes!

That restaurant was hopping and full of life! It was a fun place to pop in and I definitely plan to go there again when I am in Reno!

Here is Chloe’s recap of the last day!

Today was our last day in Reno and I was so excited to do the last few things on our agenda! The first thing we did was breakfast, then rock climbing. I was hoping to climb on the outside wall but it was closed today. I still had fun on the indoor walls which increased in difficulty the higher you climb. After that we went to this cool art museum where they had a bunch of different artist work displayed. On the top floor you could overlook the city and it was a beautiful view.

Our final stop was a restaurant called Two Chicks for lunch and I ordered the mint chocolate chip pancakes, which were very delicious. They almost taste did like the thin mints Girl Scout cookies.

Overall what I enjoyed most about this trip is probably the skiing just because it had been my first time and it was so fun and so event full. I have never seen so much snow in my life. I would recommend if you want to come with your family that you do the exact same schedule because there is something for everyone! It was such a fun weekend and I can’t wait to come back to Reno and Lake Tahoe. (I think my mom is planning to bring the whole family back!)

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