Busy Mom Tip: How to Keep up with Laundry (+ Savings)

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I have partnered with Biz to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest! I like to talk about products I use and love! Biz is one of them.

I am a BUSY BUSY mama of four littles! They range in age from 16 months to 12 years old! This means our laundry is going daily! I once decided that I would save all laundry and do it all on one day…and I learned quickly that this was not manageable! It left me in mounds of sorting, spraying stains, transferring, and folding. I felt like it was ALL I could do on laundry day…and our laundry baskets were over flowing.

Softball season started and I knew quickly that once a week would no longer work as we needed jerseys cleaned a few times a week for multiple games. This is when I started a new way of doing laundry. First, I evaluated my laundry products. I was buying 5 different products to get everything done to satisfaction. I knew there had to be a better way. Stains in my home include bodily fluids, foods, dirt, and homemade slime. I now only use Biz (liquid!) and wool dryer balls. These two items get the job done without the help of all of the other products that I was buying. This saves me both time and money!

I now do laundry every other day. I do a load of whites and a load of colors. So two loads every other day. This seems to work well for us. I can easily swap out two loads while getting the kids up, ready for school, and doing a few chores around the house. I also stopped putting up all of the laundry. I hang shirts, dresses and leggings. I lay each of the kids other items in piles on the couch. When they get home, they know to pick up their piles and put their laundry away. We’ve been doing this system for a month now and I feel a lot less stressed. The kids also bring their laundry down to the laundry room and sort it between the baskets.

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