Tooth Fairy Tips to help create magic and make memories

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With four kiddos in my house, I feel like we are constantly enjoying the fun that the Tooth Fairy brings! She comes with the kids lose a tooth, at Halloween to take the bad candy and again at Valentine’s Day if needed. She cares deeply about their teeth! Below you will find some tips for creating magic and making memories in your home!

Tooth Fairy Tips

  • As soon as your child’s tooth gets wiggly, install a tooth fairy door to your wall to welcome her into your home. For a mess-free wall, use removable hanging strips like 3M to adhere the door and any accessories to your wall.
  • Add a little magic to the tooth fairy’s visit by writing letters, or by leaving a sparkly trail of tooth fairy glitter near the door or pillow where your child leaves his/her tooth. (We paint our money with clear nail polish that has glitter in it!)
  • Since the tooth fairy loves healthy teeth, her first delivery can also include a fun new toothbrush or other dental care accessories for your little ones.
  • Create fairy money by spraying glitter hair spray over a $1, $5 or $10 bill.
  • Prepare for the tooth fairy’s arrival! Kids need dental care even before their first tooth erupts. Start by cleaning babies’ gums after feedings. Once a child’s first tooth comes in, begin the habit of brushing with a soft toothbrush and age-appropriate toothpaste.
  • Kids should start flossing as soon as they have two teeth that touch. Help little ones with flossing until they can manually floss between every tooth without issue.
  • Most importantly, while baby teeth may fall out and soon be replaced, healthy primary teeth and gums set the base for healthy permanent teeth to grow in. Remind your child that the tooth fairy loves to collect healthy, cavity-free teeth!

Check out this interesting info graph from Jeffersons Dental.

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