Simplify your life with Blue Smart mia smart feeding system for baby

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I have partnered with BlueSmart mia to bring you this post! All opinions are my own and are honest.

Mommy brain is a real thing! I’m not sure if it’s the lack of a full nights sleep or some sort of hormone imbalance, but it’s definitely a real thing! While snuggling my little guy (as seen in the photo above) there were many days where I wasn’t sure if I had showered, eaten or did much of anything else! It was pure bliss but I was in a sleep deprived haze most of the time! I am beyond thankful for all of the new inventions that help keep me organized and my little guy taken care of!

One of the items that I think is genius is the BlueSmart mia. Out of all of the “new mom” things I stressed about the most, this takes away the worry!

BlueSmart mia tracks and analyzes your baby’s feeding intake and consumption patterns. Keeping up with that is HUGE! If you are like me then your mobile phone helps organize your life as well as the lives of everyone in your home! Thanks to mobile technology and awesome products like BlueSmart mia you will sleep better at night with one less thing to worry about! The BlueSmart mia precisely measures the amount of milk consumed by your little one and alerts you and/or your caregivers in real-time. It also helps guide you by offering suggestions on optimal feeding angles and temperatures, and features an expiration alert to inform parents when milk should be discarded. (I personally love this feature as I hate wasting milk but I want to know it’s safe to use as well!)

The BlueSmart mia connects to Wi-Fi and allows multiple users to input feeding data on their smartphone via an easy-to- use app – so you can track baby’s progress anytime, any place. Imagine if you are at work and can log in and see when and how much your little one ate! That is one of the best features! I hate picking up my little one from someone elses care and not knowing when he ate last. I like to know when I need to feed him and be prepared. BlueSmart mia takes the guess work out of it!

You can also use the journal feature on the app to chronicle baby’s feeding patterns and other milestones to share with family members and pediatricians. (I love having the info at my finger tips when asked at the dr’s office!) Watch this video, it explains it so much better then I could! You are going to love it!

Currently you can purchase this awesome life changing product at or! For a limited time, you can use the exclusive code NEWMIA30 for $30 off on Amazon throughout the month of February!

For more information visit BlueSmart mia on Facebook and Twitter.

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