Saving Time Shopping with Walmart Grocery

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I tested out Walmart’s Online Grocery service mentioned in this post, and received grocery shopping funds from Walmart in order to do so.


If you are like me, the thought of going into a store to shop can felt daunting! My little one still naps twice a day and I don’t want to strap him in a shopping cart for the few hours that he is awake! I want to play with him and enjoy every minute I can!

Thankfully, near me is a Walmart that offers online ordering of groceries! So while my little one is napping, I can sit at my computer and create my whole order, pay for it and plan the time I will pick it up. I absolutely love how simple it is to shop. I can choose to browse by category, department or even just searching via the search bar. My favorite way to shop is using the search bar. I can get exactly what I am looking for super quickly!

A great plus to shopping Walmart Grocery is that you are not limited to JUST groceries! I was able to add several other items to my order! I added personal items, hair care items and even kitchen towels!

As if this hasn’t already saved me tons of time by being able to do this at home, it also saves me money, ensuring I am getting the best prices around! Once I placed my order, and picked my “pick up” time slot, it allowed me to pay and enter a promo code for savings. (I was lucky to see a promo code pop right up at the top of the screen to save $10 off $50 order!) I received my order conformation in my email within seconds and I can clearly see that I have until 1AM to add to my order. This is great for me because I am constantly forgetting items! I will likely add a few times before 1AM tomorrow!

Update: I did add a few more items to my order before the cut off! I sent hubby to pick up the order and he had NO problems! They couldn’t find the larger size tortillas I had ordered so they gave me double in a smaller size at no extra charge! (Bonus!) The produce was exactly as I had hoped! This is my new FAVORITE way to shop (and save) on groceries and other items!

If you are looking to save both time and money, then Walmart Grocery is perfect for you! Check here to see what location near you offers this awesome time saver!

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