Five Things I keep in my Van at ALL times

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There are five things I keep in my van at all times. These five things have helped make me a better friend, better mom and spouse.

1.) Air Freshener – I won’t go into all of the details of WHY I feel this is a marriage saver…but I do! I have to have something that smells good in my van at all times! People are stinky, shoes are stinky, sports equipment is stinky… need I say more?

2.) Bottled Water – We learned this past year that this is more important then we thought! We not only drink the water ourselves, but we needed it for a bottle for our little guy when we left the diaper bag at home. I always make sure to have a bottle or two!

3.) Gift Cards and Coupons – Often these determine where we will go out to eat or IF we will go out to eat! Having them in the van and easily accessible makes the decision much easier! I try to add to it once a week and clean it out once a month. There is nothing more frustrating (for a couponer) to know that you have a coupon and it’s at home!

4.) iPhone Charger – Hey…that struggle is REAL! I charge my phone over night but if I am out running errands and need an extra boost, it’s great to know that I can easily get some juice while on the road! When I was wearing a Fitbit and needed to charge it, this is where I did that as well. Having GOOD chargers that work fast is vital! (I do manage 6 peoples lives from my iPhone…)

5.) Baby Wipes – I know that sounds like a silly thing to always have in my van…but let me explain! The obvious…I have a baby! We also use baby wipes for spills, cleaning the dash board, wiping mud off of shoes, wiping breakfast, lunch or dinner off of our faces, removing make up, or other random needs. They come in REALLY handy! (I also keep hand sanitizer to cut germs!)

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