New Moviehouse & Eatery

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Tuesday after school, I was blessed to be able to escape the online vomit that was taking place as it was Election day! I knew that heading to a movie theater would be the perfect escape! We have watched the Moviehouse & Eatery go up all summer and were very excited to check it out first hand!


We reserved seats at the 4:45 showing of Trolls! I had heard great things about this movie…especially the music! We needed a happy, light hearted fun kids movie and this was perfect! We walked in to a really cool, clean lobby! Picking up our tickets was easy!


Off to the theater we went! I love that you can reserve seats and not have to worry about being split up!


The theater was very spacious and nothing felt crowded! The chairs recline and have a tray table! Oh man, my kids were so excited!















We were greeted by our server and he took our drink orders and explained how the “call button” worked! We ordered our meals and I was VERY impressed by the selection! The kids portions were very generous! (see above!)




Of course they had traditional options too like popcorn and candy…but we opted to enjoy dinner here! (They have a very nice selection of adult beverages too!)


The movie was adorable and we were all so comfy that we waited for the final credits to roll before we considered getting up to leave!


As we walked out of the theater we noticed a place to take a photo… and share on social! How fun is that! Of course my girls were all about that!


We will definitely be returning! (Hint: any family members or friends reading this…the girls thought this place was da’bomb!) For more info about this fun theater in Mckinney, check out my other post!


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