Making Memories at Beaches, Negril

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A few weeks ago I had the blessing of attending Social Media on the Sand conference at the beautiful Beaches, Negril in Jamaica. I knew the conference would a time where I could recharge and grow my knowledge of social media and blogging. I also knew it would be a trip that I could make some sweet memories with my guys. (I’ll be blogging more about the actual conference stuff soon!)

Having attended Social Media on the Sand the past two years, I knew we would hear top notch speakers, learn about new and upcoming social media platforms, and have time to network with others who are doing it well. I was not let down! Beaches is TOP notch in everything they do! The welcome was incredible! From the moment that I stepped out of the taxi, I was treated like a queen! They offered me a cold wash cloth to freshen up, placed a lei around my neck and walked me thru a dancing/twirling tunnel of color to the get checked in!

The property at Beaches is so beautiful. It’s clean and laid out parallel to the beach. The pools are beautiful and crystal clear! As I checked in and headed to check out my room, I noticed the sweet welcome in the water from Beaches! You truly feel like family with all of the warm hellos and offers for help! img_8362

Our room overlooked a courtyard! It was perfectly in the middle of dining and pool activities. Our two bed room offered plenty of space for a crib to be rolled in for our little guy. The bathroom was large and the sink/vanity area was perfect for spreading out all of our toiletries for the week. As much as we loved our room, we didn’t spend a ton of time in it! We tried to live at the beach and pool area as much as possible!


While I was in conference each day, hubby took the little man to childcare where he was loved and treated like a prince! Hubby worked out in the fitness center near by and loved the views of a small pool area. We enjoyed that small pool one day….and had it all to ourselves! It’s where we took this adorable photo of Nathan by Oscar.


Another area that we played and played at was the kids waterpark area! We loved the lazy river and slides there! I personally love that it’s so close to t the beach! At Beaches Turks and Caicos, it’s not near the beach, so this was a nice surprise!

img_8654 img_8661


And of course, we soaked in as much time as possible on the actual beach!


img_8444 img_8563 img_8600 img_8635 img_8647 img_0626 A few other highlights of our trip to Beaches included the Sesame Breakfast and the parade! There were people breathing fire! It was really cool! Here are a few pictures of that:


img_0645 img_0679 img_0693

Beaches has so much to offer families! It truly is one of the best all inclusive resorts for family fun! I love stepping onto a beautiful scenery and being treated like family! Love, laugher, food, and tons of memories to be made!

Above and beyond the fun at the resort, I was honored to be able to do a Sandals Foundation Reading Road trip to a local school. You can read more about that trip here. (I highly suggest doing that with your family if you head to Beaches! It will change your life!)

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