Pay it Forward with Snuggle and #ShareABear

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I love pay it forwards and this one is extra awesome!

Snuggle is paying it forward and donating 5,000 stuffed Snuggle Bears through the Starlight’s Children Foundation to help comfort children going through trying experiences. The Starlight Children’s Foundation partners with experts to improve quality of life for children, families and communities around the world.  They work closely with more than 700 community partners around the nation including hospitals, specialty clinics, camps and respite houses to improve the quality of children’s lives and the lives of their families by providing entertainment, education and innovative technology.

Snuggle is a long-time supporter of National Teddy Bear Day and recognizes the importance and positive impact that these “snuggle buddies” can have on people’s lives. Studies have found that hugging a teddy bear helps soothe anxiety, and brings comfort and reassurance1. Especially in times of need, you can never underestimate the power of a soft and snuggly teddy bear.

Throughout the month of September, Snuggle is inviting you to #ShareABear by sharing stories, memories and pictures of you and your loved ones with a teddy bear. As part of the movement, Snuggle will donate 5,000 bears through Starlight Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization, to help brighten the days of children in need.  As part of the #ShareABear celebration, Snuggle is offering everyone a way to get their very own Snuggle Bear for free!

Follow Snuggle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information and join the Bear Den at for special Snuggle content, offers, and prizes. Visit and follow Starlight on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more information.

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