Orange Theory: Voices inside my Head and Tornados

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I’ve been working out at Orange Theory Fitness for a few weeks now. I’ve made every efforts to go 4 times a week and because I have some awesomely supportive friends (who helps me with my little guy!) I have been able to be consistent.

There was one workout recently that I was rushed to make. Hubby and I swapped cars and I made it (barely) in time. I love that once you have reserved your spot, it’s yours. I have joined many gyms that you had to line up before class started to get a spot…and that was NO fun. I hated getting there 30 minutes early to sit in a long line… Back to Orange Theory… I got there at the beginning of class but had left my heart rate monitor in my car. I went on in to do the workout but hated not knowing where I was with my Splat points and calorie burn. I can feel when I am pushing too hard (or when I would be in the red zone) but it just stunk not knowing where I was. I felt lost. I still got a great workout, it just wasn’t the same though.

I have decided that I LOVE seeing the numbers. I am most definitely a numbers gal. I’m always shooting for at least 12 Splat points per workout and I try to find someone who is a few Splat points a head of me and then I (silently) cheer myself on to try to beat their points. Silly I know, but it does push me to work harder. I watch their zones and try harder to stay in the Orange. Another game I play (in my head) is nearest 5.  If I have 16 Splat points, my goal then becomes 20, etc. I wouldn’t say that I negatively self talk while working out but I definitely let my tired muscles do the talking for my brain at times. Sometimes my feet cramp, or arms burn and I get lazy. Playing these games in my head has helped me push harder.

Tornados are one of the hardest workouts that I have done at Orange Theory to date. I have one today, in fact. They are short spurts on the rower, treadmill, or weight room…like 5 minutes then we rotate.  They are a harder workout as they require more energy and push from within. I am pouring sweat when I leave those. I booked my first 90 minute class for next weekend…I’ll do a post soon letting ya’ll know that I survived that…if I survive!

I can not wait for the Orange Theory Mckinney location to open…and it should in a little over a month! If you haven’t joined yet, do it NOW! You won’t regret it. I feel so much better, stonger, and leaner from the short time I have been going! You can get your first session FREE!

You can read my previous Orange Theory post here. I love that they give back and are so supportive of my friend Monica who is battling against Breast Cancer right now!

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