Orange Theory Fitness for Dummies

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I am a numbers gal! I’ve always loved numbers. Math and logical problems are fun to me. (Strange, I know!) A few years back (and I’ve blogged about it…) I fell in love with Fitbit…because I love numbers. Seeing numbers satisfies me. Maybe it’s the information behind the numbers that I really like. With Fitbit, I liked getting my steps and competing against my friends and family. I was driven. Then it became about winning, and not about fitness…and I gained weight.

I’ve been off of my game for a few years now and recently found a new way to enjoy numbers again! Orange Theory Fitness is my new favorite workout! Here is Orange Theory for Dummies!

Orange Theory is a group workout experience with one trainer. Each participant wears a heart rate monitor that tracks their heart rate as they work out. (There are both chest bands and wrist trackers, you can choose.) There are large screen TVs that allow you to see the readings from your heart rate monitor.

There are five different colored zones. The Orange zone is where you burn the most calories. If you stay in the Orange zone for upto 12 minutes during your workout you earn what is called Splat points. These are actual minutes in the zone. This┬áproduces workout “afterburn” effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. Hence the Orange Theory.

The class is a mix of treadmill, rowing machine, and weight room. The trainer/coach will guide you on what to do and when.

I was nervous on my first workout. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I showed up to the gym 30 minutes early and they walked me thru what things would look like. The coach met with me a few minutes before the class started and walked me thru the machines, how to turn them on, how to use them, and how to adjust them for my body.

I shared my concerns about my lower back being fuzed and she was great to show me modifications thru the entire workout. It was a hard class, but the calorie burn made it worth the work. I loved watching my heart rate and felt challenged to keep my burn in the Orange zone as much as I could. On the treadmill, I would see it go up and down and work hard to find the “do-able” pace to keep it in the zone. I’ve included a few shots of my workout reports for you to see the calorie burn and splat points.

There are a few Apps that you might want to download…both free! One is called Orange Theory and from that app you can book your classes. Then on the OTbeat, you can track your workouts…both in and out of the gym. You can set goals and choose challenges. I love this app because I can see my workout results immediately. (this is the screen shots you are seeing below!)

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Orange Theory Fitness is opening in Mckinney, Texas soon! If you want in on the BEST rates they offer, NOW is the time to do that! It will be a little over a mile from my house and I am beyond excited to work out there with my friends and readers! (YOU!!) I’ve got two friends going with me already and they are hooked! Go here to get in on those lower prices…they are going up in the next few days!

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