Pushing myself further with Polar A300 Fitness tracker

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January is usually a month where people refocus and refine their eating and work out schedule. I know I always do! I lose weight great in January when all of my friends and family are trying hard with me and holding me accountable. However, something happens when February rolls around. Everyone loosens their diet and exercise routines. Perhaps we can blame it on the Super Bowl…or maybe even Valentine’s Day?

Whatever the case, February has always been a struggle for me to stay on track. This year, thanks to the Polar A300 Fitness tracker, sent to me to review from Nebraska Furniture Mart, I am doing better! I am able to see exactly how much (or how little) I am doing. The Polar A3oo Fitness tracker has many features that I love!

  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Activity goal and activity benefit
  • Inactivity alert
  • Sleep duration and quality
  • Compatible with Polar H7 heart rate sensor (which I have!!!)
  • Changeable wristband
  • Standard USB charging (this makes it super easy!)
  • Polar Flow web service and app
  • MyFitnessPal integration (iOS only)

Nebraska Furniture Mart has a great selection of wearable technology to help keep you moving!  There are so many great wearables to choose from! I love this Polar because of the ability to track my progress in more ways then one. I can track it on the watch itself…but better then that…it bluetooths where I can track it via an app. I love how it also syncs with MyFitnessPal for a holistic approach.


If you aren’t an “app” kinda person, then you can also log in online and track as well as just look at the watch. The Polar is very easy to set up. I was able to do it within a few minutes without ever looking at the instructions. (Obviously, the instructions would walk you right thru the process if you need the help!)


Another awesome feature that I love about this Polar is the fact that I can change out the band. I love having the option to do this. I am not always just wanting to wear black as my band. This option makes this wearable a fun accessory as well as a functioning motivator.

Having wearable technology is a game changer. It motivates me to not only move more, but to also track when I am the most sedentary. By watching this pattern, I know how to change and motivate myself for better numbers (and overall fitness) the following day. For instance, I know that I don’t move much in the morning. My body is tired and I have a hard time getting going. The majority of my movement and exercise in a day happens early afternoon. If I want to up my workout routine, I will add a brisk walk in the morning. When I take off my Polar at the end of the day, I can feel confident that I was active…after all the Polar is keeping track and reminding me through out the day.

You can order the Polar A300 Fitness tracker at NFM.com. Also, to learn more about all of the fun in store events, sales, and deals that they offer, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How is your weight loss journey going? Are you finding February to be harder then January?



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