Tony Roma’s 4th of July #Riberty Ribfest

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4th of July is a big big holiday for my family. We ALL get together and enjoy the day playing games, popping fireworks, eating way too much yummy food, and laughing. It’s soothing for our souls and we NEVER miss. tonyromas

Each year, my aunt hosts and family comes in from all over Oklahoma and Texas! This year I brought cake pops and ribs! I was sent some coupons and some fun party gear to help make our 4th of July awesome! Here is a pict I shared on Instagram of the party pack!


My family was VERY excited for me to get there with all of the yummy ribs! Tony Roma’s Ribs were so easy to cook. Because they are precooked and packaged in sauce they were super moist and juicy! There are several options for cooking them and we went with the oven since we wanted to keep them in the sauce! We literally cut open the package and put them on a cookie sheet and in they went! They only need to cooking for 15-20 minutes, so they were the last thing we cooked!


As you can see in the photo of us prepping them…you get a ton and they are less then $10 at Walmart!


We normally play outdoor games but it poured rain this year and we weren’t able to eat outside or play games. Instead we enjoyed playing with the two little ones and catching up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.28.21 AM

There is something really soothing about being with family and enjoying a hearty meal together. My soul longs for it and I need to reconnect face to face like that. Laughing, enjoying yummy eats, and all the hugs and love in the world! I hope your family does something like this each year. If they don’t, maybe you could start that tradition.

I was so thankful that I could bring Tony Roma Ribs for such a yummy feast this year.

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