Celebrating Mother’s Day with Love from Pampers

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I have partnered with Pampers diapers to bring you this post as a part of the Pampers Baby Board!

These four sweeties made me a mom…a very proud mom!

Since becoming a mom, Mother’s Day has always been a joyful holiday for me! Over the years I have received the most adorable handmade cards from my girls. They have brought me breakfast in bed and hand picked flowers too. It’s been what dreams are made of! I love their thoughtful detail to make sure I felt treasured and special.

In 2015, we decided to add to our family once again, but this time through adoption. Adoption is a process, with lots of paperwork, Dr.’s visits, FBI background checks, interviews, home study visits, conversations, classes, and lots and lots of decisions. Our adoption agency does a wonderful job with their adoption education classes and they really helped us to feel comfortable with an open adoption, a transracial adoption, and even a baby that had been exposed to teratogens. We felt supported through out the process. What we also love about our agency is that they offer so much support to birth families as well. They try to help them find a way to parent first and foremost. They help them find jobs, get medical treatment and even items needed for baby. I love that they also offer post birth care for birth families as well.

When I think about Mother’s Day and how each of my babies came into my life, I have nothing but adoration! All very different stories!

  • Chloe – IVF baby
  • Emma – easy pregnancy and delivery
  • Maci – Breech C-Section baby
  • Nathan – Adoption

They all have unique stories and I love them all the same. I wondered if I could love an adopted child as much as I love the three that I birthed and within a few minutes I knew the answer! YES! I felt as if this must be how dads feel. They don’t carry the baby but love them whole heartedly. Babies don’t have to grow in your tummy to take over your heart!

My grandma stepped into a “mom” role for me when my own mom passed a way in a car wreck. She has been there for the births of my babies and came to my house the weekend we brought Nathan home. She was there when I had surgery and needed someone to stay with me and help take care of the babies! She is such a precious women in my life. I love celebrating her on Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is such a precious day for moms and Pampers loves celebrating mamas everywhere, even if that means reaching them in the middle of the night!!! Check out this adorable video they made just for YOU – they wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day this year!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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