Save $1 off Caress Body Wash or Bar Soap at HEB

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Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. #CaressLovesTX

There is one thing that Texas is known for… being bigger (and some would argue better!) then other states! One of the things I think that sets Texas apart is H-E-B grocery stores! No other state has them and all of Texas wants them! They are known for their great deals and high quality products!

Recently, Caress unveiled a new look for their body washes and bar soaps. They have teamed up with H-E-B to help us pamper ourselves! I love the feeling of being pampered! Let’s be honest, as a mom, my 5 minute showers often feel rushed and all business! What if I took a few minutes to enjoy the sweet smells of Caress as well as the overall clean it affords? (It’s my guilty pleasure…sweet smelling body wash!)

Here is what I found at my local H-E-B! One was an end cap and the other was on the shelf! I like the shape of the new bottles! I think the tops are easier to open, personally!


To celebrate the new look, H-E-B is offering $1 off your purchase of any Caress body wash or bar soap. (valid 2/15 – 2/21) Go in-store and pick up Caress and save $1.00 with the in-store yellow coupon. Caress has many different varieties, some include:

  •        Pure Embrace
  •        Evenly Gorgeous
  •        Hypnotic Aura
  •        Sheer Twilight
  •        Daily Silk
  •        Tahitian Renewal

Click on over to find more info or an H-E-B near you.

Don’t mess with Texas. Do mess with Caress.

Which Caress product is your favorite or which would you love to try? How do you pamper yourself? I am always looking for new ways to show my busy mom-of-4 self love!

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