Sleeping Peacefully with Pampers Swaddlers Over Night Diapers

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I am Pampers Baby Board blogger and occasionally I get to try new products for free. This post is my opinion, and not paid.


Sleep is something that new moms (day) dream about. This past year, with a new baby in our home, I learned the value of getting a peaceful nights rest. In fact, I would say that it was one of the biggest surprises that adoption doesn’t prepare you for! I have birthed three babies and in my last few months of pregnancy slept less and less. I honestly think it is your bodys way of preparing you for little sleep with a newborn. When you adopt, you bring a child into the home, with no prep of little sleep! That fact, plus being 8 years older with a newborn, wiped my body out!

I stopped staying up late “to get things done” and started going to bed when I put my little one down. He would wake a few hours in and I would need a few hours of rest to be able to take care of him. Sometimes he would wake to eat, sometimes he would wake due to a wet diaper, and sometimes he would wake just to play. We had to figure out a nice song and dance that would work for the both of us. It took a few months, but we figured it out! We started “dream feeding” him to buy ourselves a few extra hours. Doing this caused him to have really full diapers in the mornings. He would sometimes wake for a dry diaper, but thankfully we never had leaks.imgres

He is 13 months now and drinks much more at a time then he did in the past. With the larger intake of fluids, I worried that we would have soaked sheets and pajamas in the mornings. While at Target I noticed that Pampers now sells Swaddlers Overnights and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

I am happy to report that we have not had any leaks and we love the Pampers Swaddlers Overnight diapers! We love the softness of them and their strong ability to stop leaks. Our little guy now sleeps from 8 to 8 and does not wake in between. It’s been refreshing to the whole family to get a good nights rest.

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